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Last year, Disney World and Disneyland launched their replacement for the FastPass system, which replaced the ability to skip the line at key attractions for free with a new paid option. While this actually put Disney alongside many other parks that already charged for this capability, Disney went a step further by offering an entirely separate payment option to skip the line at its most popular attractions. and now six flags Magic Mountain has followed suit by doing the same thing on four roller coasters.

Six Flags Magic Mountain already had an add-on ticket called the Flash Pass, which allowed guests to skip the lines at around 20 attractions for between $80 and $180 per ticket, depending on the type of pass you want, with more expensive options advertising bigger discounts. waiting. . Now, according to the Registro COMagic Mountain now offers single-use Flash Pass options for between $5 and $25 per person per ride on four roller coasters, Twisted Colossus, West Coast Racers, Full Throttle and Goliath.

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