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The Government of Mexico City inaugurated this Wednesday the start of operations of the company Wellness Gas in the Venustiano Carranza and Álvaro Obregón mayoralties, which also means that there are already seven demarcations where this new energy company already operates.

At the starting signal, the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, pointed out the other mayor’s offices where the energy company already operates: Iztapalapa, Azcapotzalco, Tláhuac, Iztacalco and Miguel Hidalgo.

In this vein, he assured that they will continue to work in coordination so that the company’s expansion process continues, in addition to continuing to provide facilities so that Wellness Gas be a leader in distribution.

He pointed out that Gas Bienestar is an integral project, since it constitutes support for the family economy, civil protection and also helps to control prices.

“What advantages does it have? Cheaper (…) It turns out that Mexico City was where the most expensive was the gas LP, despite the fact that it comes from different parts of the country through gas pipelines and that the plants are very close, it was where it was most expensive,” he added.

The leader of the Executive explained that in Venustiano Carranza 13 routes are being operated, while in Álvaro Obregón there are a total of 18.

In this regard, the director of Gas Bienestar, Gustavo Álvarez Vázquez, reported that previously, from January 17 to 18, 2022, a test phase was carried out in both city halls, in which 3,289 families benefited.

Precisely, they were sold in Venustiano Carranza 1,539 cylinders and 1,750 in Alvaro Obregon.


Álvarez Vázquez assured that with these two demarcations, the company already has 115 routes, which means that 7,363 families benefit daily.

“Monthly we are going to be benefiting 176,712 families and to date, we have sold in the Mexico City little more than 530,000 cylinders, if we were to translate those 530,000 cylinders into the economic benefit it has had on the population, we would be talking about around 150 million pesos, 150 million pesos that all those who buy today have saved in total Well-being gas”, he assured.

Among the benefits of using Gas Bienestar, the manager highlighted, is that they are safe tanks that eliminate risks in homes, they yield more, “it has a price just below the maximum price established by the Energy regulatory commission and reduces the impact on the environment.

The current price of Gas Bienestar is 420 pesos for a 20 kilo cylinder and 630 pesos for a 30 kilo cylinder.


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