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Daniel and Maxi Cortez, a couple from Arizona, United States, starred in an incredible story that seems to come out of a fiction. Shortly after having suffered a painful family loss, they visited a small restaurant and, strikingly, an unknown couple had a tender gesture towards them that left them frozen. The story was shared on social media and soon went viral.

The marriage has been together for many years. As they repeatedly expressed through their social networks, their main intention was always to form a family. Thus, they struggled for a while to be able to have children and, faced with the impossibility, they decided to try in vitro fertilization.

The intervention was a success and the woman became pregnant with triplets: On May 27, 2015, a boy and two girls were born, named Landon, Harper and Harlow.

Landon, Harper and Harlow were born on May 27
Landon, Harper and Harlow were born on May 27Facebook: Maxi Cortez

With great happiness, they returned home as a large family. However, weeks later they were surprised by bad news. The couple noticed that the child had a daily fever and, when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors He was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. This condition can be treated by vaccinations in adults, but at such a young age, it can be devastating.

Although the professionals tried everything to save him, two months later the baby died. “Since he was born, he never closed his eyes. I just wanted to be awake all the time. It’s like he knew he only had a short time.”, Daniel told in an interview with the media Newsner.

Daniel and Maxi had triplets after opting for in vitro fertilization
Daniel and Maxi had triplets after opting for in vitro fertilizationFacebook: Maxi Cortez

After the painful loss, the couple tried to get ahead for their two daughters. A year after the boy’s death, they decided to share an outing and went to dinner at the Red Lobster restaurant in Arizona, to celebrate Father’s Day. That night they encountered an experience that marked them to this day.

After enjoying the food, along with the account receipt They received a message that left them overwhelmed. On the paper they read a sentence that said: “Enjoy your babies. They don’t stay small for long. Of the family in front of you. God bless you”.

The waiter revealed to them that said diners sent them the note and also paid them for what they consumed. The Cortezes were deeply grateful and happy for the cordial gesture of the strangers, but incredulous for not knowing who to thank for the act of kindness.

An unknown family left them a touching message on the ticket
An unknown family left them a touching message on the ticketFacebook: Maxi Cortez

For this reason, Daniel shared a heartfelt post on his social networks in which he told the story. “To the Red Lobster family who sat across from us today. They never asked a question and we never spoke a word. However, they did something for us that we will never forget. We looked like a family of four celebrating the most important man in our lives. But you didn’t know that last year we celebrated as a family of five.

Harper and Harlow’s father later added: “It’s just that last year we lost one of our triplets! Holidays are always the hardest. Without knowing anything about this you paid for our food. You may never know our history or the impact of something so small that it could affect our lives. I am writing to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”.

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