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This incredible story that went viral could be titled “Love in the times of Covid”, paraphrasing the mythical novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It happened in Mexico and its protagonists are two young people in love who, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, they had to search for them to be able to be together.

It all started with bad news. One of them underwent a test and discovered that she had tested positive for Covid-19. But her partner told her that he was not willing to leave her alone for a moment. For this reason, with the firm objective of accompanying each other during the tedious time of isolation, they began to think of an alternative and they devised an ingenious system to be able to be together without getting infected.

His girlfriend was infected with Covid and designed an ingenious method to live with her without getting infected

The love story of these girls became known through TikTok and quickly went viral. It was shared by one of the protagonists, the user Anel Pérez (@anelperez65), and surpassed the incredible number of 4 million views. In addition, it was filled likes, has more than 210 thousand and continues to rise. The images of these young lovers traveled the world and provoked reactions of all kinds but due to the unexpected impact that exceeded all their expectations, they decided that it would be better to close the comments.

The video lasts just 22 seconds but it is enough to perfectly relate how Anel and her girlfriend managed to continue living together in complete isolation. “My girlfriend tested positive for Covid”, says a voiceover at the beginning of the clip. “We made a barrier with rubber to avoid contact”, he adds and shows the incredible invention that divides the apartment in two, from wall to wall, as if it were a science fiction movie.

In the pictures you can see how the couple is lying in the same bed and even a cable is passed through the rubber fabric. To guarantee asepsis, or at least to try, they use an aerosol disinfectant that they define as “my best friend in the little contact we have”. You can also see how Anel throws a little at his girlfriend through the rubber curtain, as if to add a little humor to the matter.

They used ingenuity to be able to be together during isolation by Covid
They used ingenuity to be able to be together during isolation by Covid

The images are accompanied by a song that pretty much sums up the spirit of the video: “Forbidden love”, a classic from the ’90s by the American singer Selena, a true icon of Latin music of that time. “I finally have her locked up in a bubble”, reads the description of the viral publication and adds a few emojis of laughter plus several allusive hashtags.

The video continues with some shots of the room where Anel and his girlfriend went through the long days of isolation keeping each other company, but separated by the huge protective fabric. In the last images of the clip, The lovers look at the cell phone camera with a gesture of complicity and merge into a sweet but cold kiss through the rubber barrier. “I miss you,” says the voiceover.

“Love in the times of Covid”, a kiss through a rubber barrier

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