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Insuring some of the vehicles that make up the top five of the most stolen units in Mexico costs between 5,700 and 36,000 pesos, according to various car insurance comparison companies.

Currently the cars with the most reports of theft in the country are: Versa, Nissan; the NP300 Pickup, Nissan; Aveo; Beat and Tsuru, according to statistics from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS).

Until the third quarter of 2021, car theft in the country accumulated more than 138,919 units, of which 62,787 were insured, which reflects that 54.8% of the owners of the units had to assume their loss due to not having insurance.

The insurance of the vehicle fleet in the country barely reaches 30%, that is, only three out of every 10 cars that circulate in the country have financial protection that will allow them to deal with the economic damages they face in case of accidents, damages to third parties or theft. .

The price of this type of insurance is made up of various elements: model and year, coverage, age and sex of the contracting party, entity or community where it is insured and the accident rate of the vehicle.

There are various car insurance comparison companies through which you can review the available protection options in the insurance market and from there hire the most convenient product.

For example, if you have or plan to buy a Versa car, which leads the top five of the most stolen cars in Mexico, you would have to pay between 5,724 pesos and 13,313 pesos annually for comprehensive coverage insurance that includes civil liability, legal assistance, expenses medical to occupants, total robbery and material damage.

The insurance of the Nissan NP300 truck, which occupies the second place on the list, ranges from 7,867 pesos to 31,310 pesos, the premium depends on the entity where it is contracted.

For example, if you are in the State of Mexico, the cost of insurance for this unit will range from 9,725 pesos to 31,310 pesos; in Jalisco the price ranges between 10,635 pesos and 24,698 pesos and if you are in Mexico City you would pay between 7,867 pesos and 24,189 pesos. Depending on the insurer you select, the coverages that are included and your zip code.

The value of the insurance of the third most stolen car in Mexico, which is the Aveo, is 5,500 pesos the cheapest and 13,215 pesos the most expensive.

The broad protection for a Beat, which is in fourth position, ranges from 6,165 pesos to 13,354 pesos. For the Tsuru, which now ranks fifth among the most stolen cars, the cost of insurance can range from 6,696 pesos to 36,369 pesos.

According to the comparators used for this exercise, some differences that impact the price are additional coverage such as roadside assistance, coverage abroad and transfers due to drunkenness.

If you plan to buy a vehicle, it is important that you first review various elements that will influence your life and finances.

Coru, a financial services comparison company, recommends reviewing the list of the most stolen vehicles as well as those that are most insecure – speaking of road accidents. It also suggests evaluating the number of cylinders, the cost of spare parts, among other aspects that will help make better purchasing decisions and thus protect personal finances.

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