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(LEAD) Yoon’s wife seeks court order to stop 2nd MBC broadcast on her phone calls – World News in English

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SEOUL, Jan. 19 (Yonhap) — The wife of the main presidential candidate of the opposition People’s Power Party (PPP), Yoon Suk-yeol, has requested an injunction to prevent public broadcaster MBC from broadcasting the second part of his Recorded telephone conversations with a reporter. , said Wednesday the electoral committee of the PPP.

Last Sunday, MBC’s investigative show “Straight” aired the first part of seven-hour phone conversations between Yoon’s wife Kim Keon-hee and a staff member from YouTube channel Voice of Seoul after they A local court will partially adopt an injunction filed by Kim against the broadcaster.

MBC has said it plans to air the second part of Kim’s phone recordings on the same show this Sunday.

In his second request for an injunction filed with the Seoul Western District Court, Kim said that MBC has failed to honor his repeated requests to ensure his right to reply regarding his broadcast on Sunday, according to the PPP election committee.

“Although MBC has been asked several times to provide the gist and content of its planned broadcast and guarantee Kim’s right of reply, it has not provided any information such as the outline, theme and content,” the committee said. of the PPP.

The committee also said it filed a complaint against an MBC reporter in charge of the broadcast with the procuratorate on charges of violating election law.

Kim’s side argued that the broadcast would be illegal because the phone conversations were private, while MBC countered that the broadcast would serve the public interest and help voters assess the wife of a major presidential candidate.

Prior to last Sunday’s broadcast, Kim had filed an injunction against MBC in the same court last Thursday. The court ruled the next day that MBC can broadcast only parts of Kim’s phone conversations, excluding the parts related to the authorities’ investigations into her.

Previously, Kim also filed an injunction with the Seoul Central District Court to block the YouTube news channel Open Mind TV from broadcasting the same phone conversations.

The court ruled on Wednesday that the channel can broadcast most of them, including those related to the investigations, and banned some parts related to his private life.

The court said Kim’s comments from the taped calls are a matter of public record and will provide an opportunity to assess the candidate’s wife.



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