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Martita Fort took aim at Daniel Osvaldo After his embarrassing encounter in a bowling alley in Miami, United States. Ricardo Fort’s daughter, who He traveled to the North American city with his brother Felipe and the legal guardian of both Gustavo Martínez, he told what happened that night.

Osvaldo arrived in Miami together with Gianinna Maradona, who was his partner, in the context of a family trip. However, they discussed everything indicates that they separated.

In that context, the former soccer player went out with friends to a bowling alley in the city where Martita usually goes. Despite the fact that at the beginning it was said that they had not crossed paths and that they were present at different times, it seems that this was not the case.

Guido Zaffora stated in It’s over there (America) that there was a meeting between the two, and it seems that it was not very positive. “He approached Marta’s table and started talking to her. Marta treated him well, but she looked at him as if to say ‘I have no interest in meeting this guy. I don’t know who it is’”, began telling the journalist.

Martita Fort struck down Daniel Osvaldo

According to the information he provided, the protagonist told him that she went to have fun with her friends and that as the minutes passed she would not have felt too comfortable with Osvaldo’s presence.

Then, he reproduced the words of the young woman about the attitude of the famous: “He hit me at the bowling alley. He looked at me, but I don’t know who that old man was. I was with my friends, I was enjoying myself. The truth is that I went to the bowling alley for something else: I’m here on vacation. He approached, but he did not know who that old man was, “admitted the young woman.

Martita emphasized the age difference between the two: they take more than 18 years. While the former Boca and Hurricane player turned 36 on January 12, the young woman will turn 18 in February.

The fight between Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo

The crisis in the couple of Osvaldo and Gianinna occurred after arriving in Miami, when he expressed his desire to go out and do nightlife. Diego’s daughter tried to convince him and explain that it was a family trip, since they were also present Claudia Villafane, his son Benjamin and Dalma with her partner and daughter.

The couple of Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona would be going through a very deep crisis
The couple of Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona would be going through a very deep crisisArchive

After not being able to reach an agreement and argue, Osvaldo left the place they shared and both manifested the break in social networks, by deleting all the photos they had together.

From there, The former athlete was seen in different bowling alleys in Miami dancing with other women. Even several Twitter users claimed to have seen him fighting with another person in a bathroom.

In turn, made a lot of noise the filtering of a photo of the former soccer player kissing another woman. Back then, the information had also been shared by Zaffora. For the New Year’s celebration and around 2 in the morning of January 1st, Osvaldo was photographed very close to a young woman in a bowling alley.

While this was happening, Gianinna had opted for the family celebration and spent the celebration with his son, his mother, his sister and his niece Roma.

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