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Given the current situation that the Mexico City in economic matters, the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) local announced that it is preparing a plan whose vision is oriented to a term of 15 years, in addition, this new project contemplates immediate actions to achieve a recovery in this 2022.

At a press conference, the president of the Coparmex CDMX, Armando Zuniga Salinas, announced that they will present this business initiative to the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, which is aimed at benefiting all the productive activities of the city.

“It implies an absolute and profound redesign of the economic development strategy, which allows us to flee from cosmetic changes to move towards a change of course, sustainable, innovative and convening the entire society and for its benefit. That is where we will work in the coming months,” he assured.

He indicated that this plan also obeys the current projection of the Coparmex CDMX, where they estimate that throughout the first quarter of 2022 the economic activity of the capital may be affected by the Covid-19 Omicron variant and where the worst scenario is that 50% of the companies in the capital disappear.

Zúñiga Salinas reported that due to this fourth wave of the pandemic, there is already a record that 6% of the capital’s workforce is absent, since the workers are infected.

The economic reactivation in Mexico City is at risk, for the following reasons: a macroeconomic environment marked by rising prices, the most recent indicators of productive activity in the city, simply and simply, are not good, the very slow evolution of employment, the imminent impact of the fourth wave of Covid-19 on the productive plant, services and tourism”, he said.

“That is why the various political and economic actors in the capital must work together on comprehensive solutions that address not only the immediate problems caused by the health emergency, but also the consequences that the pandemic will bring in the medium and long term. , both in terms of health, and in the social and economic spheres”, reiterated the business leader.

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Zúñiga indicated that the country’s capital did not close 2021 with an economic recovery, the main indicator of this is that 134,446 jobs remain to be recovered.

“Mexico City has lagged behind states like Baja California, Nuevo León, Tabasco, Chihuahua and Querétaro, states that have shown an accelerated recovery of their jobs,” he said.

In terms of inflation, the calculation is that the capital of the country closed the year with an annual inflation of 6.5%, while the food sector generated a greater increase, of 10.7 percent.

In matters of Foreign direct investment (FDI), the city captured a total of 4,109.1 million dollars from January to September 2021, which was behind 2020, the same period of time was 6,690 million and in 2019 they amounted to 8,415.6 million.

Similarly, the hotel occupancy it did not recover, since from January to September 2021 it was 28.1%, in the same period of time but in 2020 it was 22%, while in 2019 it was 60.7 percent.

According to the capital’s business center, the capital’s GDP is also expected to close 2021 with a greater projected fall, this derived from the fact that the Inegi recently projected for the fourth quarter an annual decrease of the order of minus -1.3% in the tertiary activities.

“We must bear in mind that these tertiary activities represent more than 90% of the GDP of Mexico City,” he deepened.

The business leader pointed out that the spirit to invest on the part of the business sector is also lagging behind.

For example, he delved into the fact that only 48.5% of businessmen are in the mood to invest, according to the Data Coparmex 2.0.


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