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When a footballer is hired by a club from another country, he generally has to adapt to their culture and customs. And if it is a city where another language is spoken, the ideal is for athletes to learn that language to feel more comfortable. Such is the case of the Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, who plays in England since 2009, when he arrived at the age of 16, and since then he has studied English.

Already with more than a decade in the European country and with steps through different teams, such as the Arsenal, the Reading and the Aston Villa, where it was consolidated more than a year ago, the Dibu He speaks very good English and shows it every time he gives an interview for a British media, which surprises the Argentines and even his teammates.

The interview in which Dibu Martínez answers in English

This Tuesday, the 29-year-old from Mar del Plata shared a video with a fragment of a note that was made to him on a local site, where he answered who was, according to him, the best soccer player in the world. “The best for me is Messi, as a player, as a leader, as a person, he inspired me to be a better goalkeeper and a better person in the Copa América and I will always be grateful to him for that.”, he expressed Martínez about the albiceleste captain.

In the comments of the publication, another champion of America was present. This was Alejandro “Papu” Gomez, who shared a team with the Dibu during the title won last year at the Maracana. The midfielder of Sevilla, who knew how to become popular not only for his football but also for his fun style, commented: “that english drives me crazy”.

Papu Gómez's funny comment on Dibu's post
Papu Gómez’s funny comment on Dibu’s postInstagram @emi_martinez26

ex’s comment Atalanta It generated laughter from some followers of the Argentine goalkeeper, who responded with several “hahaha”. Likewise, his reaction was in line with that of other fans of the player from Aston Villa, who added things like “this one does everything well” or “calm down your English Dibu, machine in everything you do”.

The truth is Martínez reached its maximum popularity in Argentina after the America Cup. He achieved it with his great performances in the competition matches and, above all, with his attitude on penalties against Colombia, where he expressed to Yerry Mina, who was about to kick, his emblematic “Look, I like you brother”.

“Look, I’m like a brother”, the penalty that Dibu Martinez saved Mina

Since then, his followers on social networks began to rise and he became, along with Messi, Papu, Rodrigo DePaul and other figures, in one of the most beloved of the Argentine national team.

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