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What MasterChef Celebrity” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) led the day it’s not new. What did catch the attention of yesterday’s rating numbers is the closeness of the gastronomic reality with the numbers harvested by The 8 million steps (eltrece).

The format, born in the United Kingdom in the 1990s, which is broadcast today by Telefe with a local imprint and hosted by Santiago del Moro, scored 12.8 points on average, one of the lowest marks in its successful history. Meanwhile, the game show animated and produced by Guido Kaczka achieved an average of 10.5 points, a figure that allowed him to be the most watched on his channel.

MasterChef Celebrity Y The 8 million steps competed between 10:17 p.m. and 10:58 p.m., but when the cooking competition had to face Polka The 1-5/18 (eltrece), the gap was opened a little more, since the novel led by Esteban Lamothe, Agustina Cherri and Gonzalo Heredia closed its average at 9 points.

In turn, the numbers prime time of eltrece they left behind the Marley travel programs, which had been leading comfortably in recent days. Yesterday, The preview of Around the world averaged 10.3 points, just two tenths less than Kaczka’s program, and Around the world it reached 8 points, one point less than the fiction produced by Adrián Suar.

Welcome aboard (eltrece), in the second installment hosted by Laurita Fernández, averaged 4.5 points, a number almost similar to the previous day. While, 100 Argentines say (eltrece), in his second delivery by Naza Di Serio, scored 5.8 points, seven tenths more than on Monday.

In the last stretch of the morning, the Serie The Fox (eltrece) reached a very good average of 4.4 points, while team flower (Telefe) scored 3.9 points, in recent days under the leadership of Florencia Peña.

El Zorro, a stainless series that always enjoys a good audience
El Zorro, a stainless series that always enjoys a good audience

blessed (the nine) is still driven by Edith Hermida” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Edith Hermida with good timing, replacing Beto Casella who is on vacation. The program based on reports about what happened on television, peaked on its channel and led the day with an average of 4.1 points and a very good peak of 5.1 points. Also in the nine, Moria is Moria it averaged only 0.9 tenths, falling behind Public TV.

Edith Hermida, historical member of Bendita, replaces Beto Casella
Edith Hermida, historical member of Bendita, replaces Beto Casella

The state-run channel found in Country Festival your best average of the day. Yesterday, the live coverage of the fifth day of the National Chamamé Festival averaged 1.4 points and reached a peak of 1.7 at 23.45. What’s more, The preview of Country Festival scored 1 point average. This program becomes the hinge of the public channel’s programming as it starts with 0.7 tenths and closes at 1.1 points. At this sign, Argentine cooks he garnered 1 point, maintaining his usual average.

America news was the most watched in America, thanks to an unusual average of 3.4 points. In addition, the newscast, hosted by Rolando Grana” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Rolando Grana, touched a very good peak of 3.9 points. The 6:00 p.m. time slot, unusual for an informative space, pays off for the channel, surely because there is a portion of the audience that wants to be informed before the arrival of the prime time. Also in America, intruders scored an average of 2.9 points and reached a ceiling of 3.4 points, and intractable, conducted last night by journalist Paulo Vilouta, closed at 1.3 on average, but climbed to a maximum of 2 points, a number reached at 9:30 p.m. In Net TV, the most viewed was editing tv, a space that averaged 0.7 tenths.

Rolando Graña achieved very good numbers in América Noticias
Rolando Graña achieved very good numbers in América NoticiasTwitter

key week in MasterChef Celebrity, in which the jury raises the bar of challenges. Yesterday, the participants encountered a unsettling surprise hidden inside a big bell.

Marley, along with his son Mirko and Lizy Talgliani, visited the city of Paris. With images that account for the harsh European winter, Around the world gave beautiful images of one of the most important capitals in the world and with an invaluable cultural heritage.

Father Lorenzo and Lola cannot stop the feelings that unite them. After having consummated the relationship, both have found a secluded and secret place to meet. The story of both characters is the main axis of the plot of The 1-5/18, the fiction produced by Polka that will continue to air on eltrece until the end of the summer.

With a question about football, one of the participants of the 8 steps managed to win a million pesos. The programme, which bets on knowledge of general culture, is one of the highlights of eltrece’s programming.

Yesterday an act was held in memory of Fernando Báez Sosa, the young man murdered by a gang of rugbiers in Villa Gesell two years ago.The parents of the victim traveled to the scene for the first time., generating a moment of deep emotion among those present. At the end of the meeting, Báez Sosa’s mother fainted, a moment that was reflected in intractable.

Perhaps looking for a greater response from the public, Moria is Moria incorporated the section “Moria’s office”, where the diva” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>the diva advises before the “spontaneous” consultation of people from the public. The curious space of the cycle recalls the diva’s passage through the driving of talk shows.

1. MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) 12.8 rating points

2. The 8 million steps (eltrece) 10.5 points

3. Telefe News The preview of Around the world (Telefe) 10.3 points

4. The 1-5/18 (eltrece) 9 points

5. Zuleyha (Telefe) 8.8 points

6. Hercai Around the world (Telefe) 8 points

7. sweet ambition (Telefe) 7.4 points

8. Telenoche (Telefe) 7.3 points

9. The people’s news (Telefe) 6.7 points

10. Cut by Lozano (Telefe) 6.4 points

Data provided by Kantar Ibope Media.

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