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In a photo of high political tenor, the visit made this Tuesday by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, and the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversities, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta – also his lawyer before assuming the function public – to the leader of the Tupac Amaru, Miracle Hall.

It was the official who has direct terminal in the vice president Cristina Kirchner who spread the rally on Twitter, six years after the arrest of the social leader who is in house arrest in Jujuy. In that tweet he asked “to rebuild a justice that does not persecute opponents.” It was the clearest gesture of support for Sala on the part of pure and simple Kirchnerism.

From the beginning of the Alberto Fernández administration, Sala has demanded greater attention, since he hoped that his judicial situation would improve with the coming to power of the Frente de Todos, considering himself a political prisoner of the government of Gerardo Morales. His criticism of the Casa Rosada was repeated and he even denied the president when he said that he had frequent contact with her.

room has a dozen open cases for different crimes and a firm conviction. She was accused, among other things, of illicit association and an embezzlement of 700 million pesos.

“I was with Milagro Sala, who has been detained for six years. It is necessary to rebuild a justice that does not persecute opponents and that guarantees Argentines their rights, beyond the powers that be. It is a basic principle of the republican system and democratic coexistence,” De Pedro wrote. The political gesture of De Pedro’s visit seemed not to consider the criticism of the leader of the Tupac Amaru to the President, an additional difference between Kirchnerism and the sector closest to the President.

The one who came out to answer him was Gerardo Morales himself, who considered the position of the officials “unacceptable”.

“You. is Minister of the Nation not from a factionThat is why I invite you to visit the thousands of Jujuy victims of the fascist system of violence, impunity and corruption that prevailed for more than a decade in Jujuy and it was led by Milagro Sala”, the governor of Jujuy told De Pedro via Twitter. “It is unacceptable that the officials who represent all Argentines defend criminals convicted of corruption in courts of different instances and do not respect the sentences of the judiciary,” he added.

Both De Pedro and Gómez Alcorta had signed a request on Sunday together with other members of the Executive, Human Rights leaders and social and union leaders, to ask for the release of the social leader. In that document, the situation in the Chamber was treated as a case of “lawfare”, the term used by Kirchnerism to revile investigations into allegations of corruption.

This is not the first approach of Kirchnerism to the social leader who knew how to hold high power in her province. In December, Senator Oscar Parrilli, of Cristina Kirchner’s extreme confidence, also went to Jujuy. At that time he asked for “a Christmas without political prisoners” and greater speed to the Supreme Court of Justice to resolve the situation of the head of Tupac Amaru. The same claim was made by Gómez Alcorta this weekend. In the Casa Rosada everyone identifies the guiding line of the vice president

“Is absolutely baffling that there is talk of a political prisoner, when in reality it is a political prisoner”, indicated, before the consultation of the nation, the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay, who in turn characterized Sala as a “criminal convicted in different instances, by a number of prosecutors who have intervened.” And he stressed that the cause for which the social leader is serving house arrest was confirmed by the Supreme Court.

In this sense, Sabsay pointed out that De Pedro’s visit is “obviously linked” to a change in the position of Alberto Fernandez regarding what should be the functioning of an independent Justice. “There is no doubt that he continually looks at the sectors of the Instituto Patria and wants to satisfy Cristina Kirchner. His support for the march against the Court is proof of this, something that I consider to constitute the crime of sedition,” he concluded.

For his part, the former Minister of the Judiciary Alexander Fargosi described De Pedro’s visit to Sala as “a shame”. In this sense, the jurist denounced that “what the Executive Power is doing through the Minister of the Interior is to frontally violate article 109 of the Constitution, which prohibits it from interfering in the issues that They have been submitted to a judicial decision.

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