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After several days of searching, the polo player Facundo “Polito” Pieres He said that Franca, the dog he had with his girlfriend Vicky, was found dead on a beach in Rocha.

The sad news was known in the last hours, after the athlete will report it on his Instagram account. The pup was a bloodhound and dachshund cross.

The couple had lost the dog on New Year’s Eve. For the celebration, the three were at their house in José Ignacio, Uruguay, located 500 meters from the lighthouse.

When midnight came and 2022 began, pyrotechnics were present, despite campaigns to abandon their use due to the damage it causes to people and animals. That’s where the problem started. Some neighbors set off firecrackers to celebrate and, like so many dogs, Franca was startled by the noise. The animal’s reaction was start running quickly down the street.

Both Polito and his girlfriend yelled at her and tried to get her to stop, but they were unsuccessful. The following hours were spent searching for the polo player, who traveled as far as he could until 6 in the morning to try to find her.

The story of Polito Pieres where he told the sad news of the death of his pet
The story of Polito Pieres where he told the sad news of the death of his pet Instagram @politopieres

Unfortunately, he was unable to do so and from then on recovering Franca became the priority. With that goal in mind, spread the search on social networks and offered a reward of a thousand dollars for whoever found her and took her safe and sound to her home.

During the night of Tuesday, the polo player used his Instagram to communicate his pain: they had found the animal dead. “The saddest news, Franquita appeared lifeless on Rocha beach. We are going to miss her a lot and more Vicky”Polito wrote along with a photo of his girlfriend and the dog.

Within minutes, he also made a post announcing the news. The polo player made a post with another photo of his girlfriend and Franca, where he wrote “RIP Franquita”.

Polito Pieres' post to fire Franquita, his dog
Polito Pieres’ post to fire Franquita, his dog Instagram @politopieres

The publication generated an impact and almost reached 3,000 likes in the time it was uploaded, along with more than 290 comments from users sending their support. In addition to many Polito followers, some figures from different fields also commented on the post. Martín Altberg, Mechi Margalot and the former member of Toco Para Vos, Bauti Mascia, were some of them..

Beyond the sad news, during these weeks the protagonist had highlighted the predisposition of the people of the area to look for and the support he received on social networks.

“I have soccer friends, like Pocho Lavezzi, who are helping me with their posts. The good will of the Uruguayans is tremendous. They all tell me that they are not interested in the reward, they just want it to appear”, he had declared to THE NATION a few days ago, while he was hoping to find his pet.

After wallpapering José Ignacio and much of Punta del Este, the search got a lot of publicity.

Polito had even postponed his return to Buenos Aires, where he had professional commitments, to try to recover his missing dog.

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