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The Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration (CFCRL) made an adjustment to the call for next February 1 and 2 for the union voting process of General Motors, by allowing the participation of observers, who will not have legal effects on the representative consultation procedure and its results at the Silao plant.

Thus, 4 trade union organizations will participate, National Independent Union of Workers of the Automotive Industry; the National Union of Workers of the Automotive and Metallurgical Industry in the Mexican Republic; the National Union of Workers and Employees of the Transportation, Construction, Automotive, Auto Parts, Similar and Related Industries of the Mexican Republic, the C.T.M. and the National Union of Workers of Industries, Commerce and Services in General “Carrillo Puerto”, with an extension in the hours in which the electoral day will take place, from 5 in the morning of February 1 to 10:00 p.m. on February 2.

In this sense, Yamil Villalba, director of Certificates of Representativeness, stated that only observers who have been accredited may attend”, in order to guarantee the principles of freedom of association, collective bargaining and the legitimate interests of workers.

In recent days, the Independent Union made a call to the labor authorities to allow the participation of the observers in the entire process, in response the Federal Center reported that “the observers will be able to make a report of activities at the end of their work in the democratic union procedures. In no case will the reports, judgments, opinions or conclusions presented by the observers have legal effects on the representativeness consultation procedure and its results.”

Likewise, he stated that “they may not proselytize of any kind, nor demonstrate for or against any proposal, organization or person, nor try to induce or try to influence the meaning of the free and secret vote of the workers ” .

In addition, they will not be able to declare preliminary results on the consultation that is carried out.

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