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While hundreds of thousands of users suffer the consequences of power outages, the purchase of shares in the electricity distributor Edenor by entrepreneurs Jose Luis Manzano, Daniel Vila and Mauricio Filiberti al Group Pampa Energy It is under the magnifying glass of Justice. The file hardly moved during the past year, but in recent months it began to have some movements.

Almost a year ago, shortly after the operation was completed, the civic coalition filed a criminal complaint in the federal courts of Comodoro Py, in which he questioned the price at which the shares were sold and the political ties of the buyers with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and the owner of AYSA, Malena Galmarini. The close link between the businessmen and the political power led to speculation and questioning when this operation became known in December 2020.

The case was first in the federal court of Sebastián Casanello, but due to connection it passed into the hands of the federal judge Marcelo Martinez De Giorgi. Judicial sources told THE NATION that there was a complaint prior to that of the Civic Coalition in the De Giorgi court. The prosecutor in the case is Alejandra Mangano.

Although the complainants asked to investigate not only the businessmen who bought the shares but also the officials who had a relationship with them to facilitate the operation, the accused are Manzano, Vila and Filiberti. The three businessmen are defended by the lawyer Mariano Cuneo Libarona.

Edenor Substation, Av. Edison in Martínez
Edenor Substation, Av. Edison in MartínezSilvana Colombo – THE NATION

As evidence suggested by the defendants, De Giorgi took testimonial statements during November and December from the sellers and lawyers who intervened on the price of the operation, and also ordered a report from Consumer Defense. Three people from Edenor’s board of directors were summoned who said that the shares were paid at market price, according to this medium. The owner of Pampa Energia, Marcelo Mindlin, He was not called as a witness, and close to him they denied being interested in the course of the case.

The presentation made by the Civic Coalition indicates that Energía del Cono Sur SA bought the Class A shares of Edenor irregularly and at a low price. Among other things, it maintains that the buyers had privileged information and that Congress included in the 2021 budget an article that established a system for the regularization of debts maintained by distributors with CAMMESA (the mixed company in charge of managing the wholesale market). Argentina) that favored the situation of EDEMSA (of Vila, Manzano and Filiberti), whose debt with CAMMESA exceeded 100 million dollars.

“The business group not only managed to acquire the majority package of shares at a vile price, but also would have used close relationships with public officials to achieve, with their influence, economic benefits for the acquiring company,” indicates the text of the complaint. .

In the brief presented by Cuneo Libarona, to which the THE NATION, The businessmen asked to be dismissed, while they described the accusation as “absurd” and questioned whether the press had spread the content of the complaint.

“They promoted their false complaint a lot in the press to harm us and show themselves -falsely- as upright and honorable officials who discover and report crimes,” the accused told the Justice, adding: “[La denuncia] is based exclusively on delirious conjectures about the value of the company’s Class A shares (the legislators made an eye calculation about how much they should be worth to them), and on wild and empty speculation about the energy market and the financial situation of the selling company.

Jorge Lanata's program will be seen in Mendoza on the Vila y Manzano channel
Jorge Lanata’s program will be seen in Mendoza on the Vila y Manzano channelArchive

They maintained that the shares were paid at market price, that this was taken from the stock market price and that it was approved by different authorities.

Vila, Manzano and Filiberti, however, recognized and claimed to have a “social link” with the president of the Chamber of Deputies. “None of us maintains an illicit link with the current President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Dr. Sergio Massa, who had no role in the operation. The link with the legislator is exclusively social”, they indicated in the letter.

The open confrontation that exists between the former Kirchnerist Planning Minister July De Vido Y Sergio Massa. When Massa was facing Kirchnerism and still had good ties with the government of Mauricio Macri, promoted the removal of immunity from De Vido in Deputies. And it was the public statements made by the Tigrens against granting an amnesty for corruption cases that aroused, once again, the anger of De Vido, who responded via Twitter. “Since you are so concerned about the issue of corruption, it would be good to investigate the Edenor sale operation from Congress, both the buyers and the seller, but fundamentally those who mediated the operation from the State.”

Beyond the purchase operation, which gave rise to numerous interpretations, the directors of Edenor were surprised by the appearance at a board meeting by the son of Ricardo Depresbíteris, the owner of Covelia, a waste collection company that operates throughout the Conurbano and was linked to the Moyanos. Justice did not delve, for now, into the link indicated by the complaint between the buyers and the seller with Sergio Massa, and despite the slow movements of the case, in the surroundings of the accused they are confident about the fate that the proceedings.

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