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Luxury and amenities fill the most exclusive project in Uruguay and the favorite for businessmen and soccer players from the world’s first league clubs. Fasano Las Piedras is a project of more than US$100 million investment developed by the Latin American giant JHSF that has a heliport and even a recently opened executive private airport with a 1,260 m² runway that will be operated and managed by Corporación América Aeropuertos (CAAP).

The development that occupies 480 hectares in Punta del Este surrounded by nature located 10 km from La Barra and near the sea started the season with a news: it announced the launch of a new stage in which new lots, residences and villas will be offered, of which this summer 15 properties have already been sold.

In the project there are lots for sale between 2000m² and 54,000m²
In the project there are lots for sale between 2000m² and 54,000m²

Batches vary between 2000 and 54,000m² with an average value per square meter that starts at US$240. Among these, the most economical are those of 2000 m² and start at US$440,000. There are four sectors where to buy land: on the Golf, in the area of ​​the Polo fields, the equestrian center or on the lakes. Because of their views, the most expensive are the properties that are in the Golf area. In this place, the field is L-shaped and starts from a mountain range, which is the highest point in Maldonado, and descends towards the homonymous stream for more than three kilometers. On its shore are the cabins of 180 m². These have maid and concierge service for a fee, and due to their location they have available water activities such as hobbycat, windsurfing, canoeing and paddle boarding. Several options are added to the rest of the amenities of the development: from a spa with heated pool, dry sauna, a gym up to tennis courts, soccer fields, squash courts and a golf course 18-hole championship course designed by sports legend Arnold Palmer.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship has 38 villas to rent between 136m² and 358m² with hotel service that were designed by the Brazilian architect Isay Weinfel and, in the new phase, there are options from 120 to 417m². The difference between the villas and the houses is that the former are smaller and are located above the equestrian center, that is, in a more remote sector of the property and not in the center like the properties located on the golf course. In the new stage will also be built 400 m² residences with five suites. The project also has ranches and private farms that are farms from 12,000 m² to 54,000 m² and that have the option of carrying out private production of organic products and building residences designed by the architect Carolina Proto of 900 m² with seven suites.

The houses built by private companies have between 600m² and 1,589m²
The houses built by private companies have between 600m² and 1,589m²Letícia Remião

The houses built by private individuals have between 600m² y 1589m². For example, a 700 m² house on a 5,000 m² lot -with four suites, a sauna, a pool and a grill- is for sale in Mercado Libre for US$3.2 million. Among the offers published on the portal, this price can increase, for example, to US$4.2 million in the case of a 1,000 m² property with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms on a 200,000 m² plot of land.

The project also has a hotel open since 2010 with 20 bungalows and 10 suites with panoramic views of the golf course that can be rented between US$500 and US$900 per night for two people. Not a minor fact is that many of the owners take advantage of their stay to close deals. In fact, among the elite of personalities, there are five of the eight Brazilians who are part of the Fortune 500 list, the ranking that brings together the largest and most powerful companies in the world.

The luxury project was also chosen by several recognized characters of the atmosphere of sport and spectacle to spend your vacations. Among them are Natalia Oreiro, Pampita, Miguel Galuccio (former president of YPF), the Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrossio. In addition, there are a number of Argentines who own properties in the project, such as Norberto Morita -Bemberg group businessman-, Matias Liberman, Delfina Blaquier and Nacho Figueras.

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