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Tillotama Shome, known for starring in movies like Sir and Monsoon Wedding, has shared a new post on Instagram. In the photo, Tillotama is seen soaking up the winter sun, wearing a black t-shirt with the word ‘no apologies’ written on it and showing the camera his unshaven armpits.

Tillotama has a big smile on his face in the photo. Sharing it, she wrote, “I say ‘sorry’ many times. The worst thing is when I apologize in anticipation of someone’s apology, as if it were a ‘hello’. I’m sorry if I did something good because I could have done better. The visceral ones, of course, escape from your mouth in silence. The shirt is a reminder to wear it less and mean it more.” He also mentioned his unshaven armpits in his post. “Oh, and about the body hair, yeah, I’m not sorry. I use it how I like. It is not a statement. I shave too. Neither do I. Good morning,” he wrote.

While many praised Tillotama for his post, some were a little less polite. One woman wrote in the comments section: “Sorry but it looks gross.” Tillotama answered him and wrote: “Be and let others be. You have a good day.”

His fans told him to ignore the haters. “Haanthi chale bazar kutte bhaunkhe hazar (The elephant that walks down the street doesn’t care about the dogs that bark) @tillotamashome you are just amazing,” wrote one. “You are a star so resonate with her,” wrote another.

Tillotama played Alice opposite Vijay Raaz in Mira Nair’s acclaimed Monsoon Wedding. She also received praise for her performance as a maid in love with her employer in Sir. She received the Filmfare Award for Best Actress (Critic) for it.

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Last year, in an interview for Cosmopolitan, Tillotama spoke about the challenges he has had to face in the industry. “I’m thankful that the ‘Fair & Lovely’ obsession never entered our home. My parents were truly progressive, without even knowing it. After my Monsoon Wedding debut, I resented every offer he asked me to play as a maid. I did an American movie where the director tried to darken our skin even more because we looked ‘too beautiful to be poor,’” he said.

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