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The platform Tuhabi, focused on the marketing of living place with technology Y data, announced the purchase of the sites Y your canton, in order to strengthen its presence in Mexico and Latin America and be one of the largest companies in the region within the proptech segment.

In accordance with Tuhabi, with this operation, which was finalized at the end of 2021, the platform will go from carrying out annual transactions of around 125 million dollars in the region to more than 1,000 million dollars, as well as expanding its operation from five cities in America Latin at 15.

“With this integration we hope to buy and sell thousands of homes throughout the country and strengthen the portal of as a unique platform with technology at the service of users, which will also promote the growth of the real estate ecosystem, by opening many more and better businesses to real estate agencies and independent agents”, commented Sebastián Noguera, co-founder and president of Tuhabi.

Tuhabi recently closed a $100 million investment round backed by SoftBank, which, according to Noguera, at least 80 million dollars will be used to strengthen its operation in the Mexican market.

“The vision we have as a company is to empower the real estate market with liquidity and transparency so that people, the majority of Latin Americans, can buy and sell housing with all the information and with liquidity tools that allow them to do so very easily” , highlighted Noguera.

For the founder of Tuhabi, the firm’s big bet in Latin America is Mexico, because they have a growth potential six times greater than what has been achieved in Colombia two years after its creation.

Currently, Tuhabi operates in the used housing market in the middle segment, with an offer of properties that are between 600,000 and 4 million pesos.

Likewise, and Tu Cantón, with more than seven years of experience in the market, have a commercial force with a presence in 10 states. is referred to as the leading platform in inventory volume in Mexico with nearly 1 million properties listed and is among the first three places in user traffic.

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