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Journalists don’t usually tend to write “cold weather” and “Florida” in the same sentence, but this week, in fact, it’s been happening. After a rough patch that brought Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon to closed shortly after openingUniversal Orlando did the same with its own water park, Volcano Bay. Over the weekend, the city experienced somewhat lower than normal temperatures in the generally mild state and the park was closed for a period. Of course, the theme park had a great response to the perhaps not so good news.

Volcano Bay was closed by Universal Orlando for the weekend, and it was for more than a day of closure. The popular water park destination was confirmed to be closed until at least Tuesday, January 18 at the time the theme park made the announcement. This decision was clearly due to the cold wave that hit the area over the weekend. When I looked yesterday, the overnight low was in the mid-forties, and while that was in the middle of the night, the high-fifties wouldn’t have been exactly water park weather either.

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