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The Alberto Martín’s summer neighbors are not happy with the celebrity who was their lot this season. It is that the actor, somewhat disorganized and without knowing the prohibitions of the consortium and the codes of coexistence, hung the clothes on the balcony and thus contaminated the visual of the facade.

the domestic problem transcended in Intruders, for America TV, when the drivers of the shipment, Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, showed images where towels, towels and some other clothes could be seen on the metal railings of the balcony of their apartment. And even more: some of the postcards showed Martín himself at the scene of the events, and without a shirt! Far from avoiding the subject, the actor who is part of the play The girl in the pink hat made his download on a live mobile. Also, he spoke of love.

The “story without end” between Alberto Martín and Carmen BarbieriArchive

“Where are the clothes hanging?”, was the first thing Lussich asked him even before welcoming the actor, who was settling himself in the armchair. “We saw you in the first topless of the season in Mar del Plata”, he added later. With a gesture of surprise, Martin retorted: “Did they put everything?”. “Is this checked? Am I hanging it or is there someone who hangs it?”. At that time, they asked him if he lived with someone in La Feliz. The “no” in the answer left him even more in evidence. “This is Matias Santoianni who is dedicated to discovering things, mistakes”, he said afterwards, taking the blame for his terrain.

After asking for two minutes to praise the production of Intrusos and its drivers and to mention the National Full Tummy Program -and ask for the support of businessmen so that they donate a percentage of the profits to kitchens throughout the country-, Martín set out to answer the questions of the journalists. And just there, Pallares and Lussich went straight to the point.

How are you your sentimental life taking into account that Carmencita (Barbieri) are you with covid? Did you call her? Are you following her closely?” Lussich wanted to know. “Yesterday was the only day I didn’t speak, I know I was in pain, with a temperature, a little upset. And the concern of her and of the doctors who treated her the day she had the first Covid was not to hospitalize her, ”revealed the heartthrob. “I was upset. Is not easy”he explained.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, communication between Alberto Martin and Carmen Barbieri has been constant: they talk every day
Since the beginning of the pandemic, communication between Alberto Martin and Carmen Barbieri has been constant: they talk every day

After a moment of surprise, Martin asked: “What does this, Carmen’s health, have to do with the sentimental part?” “It is that we are swelling so that you and Carmen end up in something. We are always there, lighting that candle,” Lussich whitened and added: “We want you to end up together.”

“Okay, push yourself”, retorted the actor. “What’s missing?” The journalist then asked. “But guys! To know each other, to approach each other, to respect each other, to miss each other, to love, there are steps that have to be fulfilled. Don’t rush the situation”, he asked. “But we have been dealing with this issue for about two years now,” he intervened. Marcela Baths. “I know that there are people who support this situation. We have to force each other and maybe we’ll achieve something. There is no need to decline,” said the actor. “What happens is that you’re going very slowly, Albert,” said Virginia Gallardo, revealing that Carmen already has other suitors. “Either you give the bump or you leave the path free”, completed the panelist. “Let’s go slowly”, closed the actor.

After the topic Carmen, they asked her why Zulma Faiad, his companion The girl in the pink hat. “Did you hang Zulma’s clothes?” asked the chronicler, to which immediately, and after clarifying that they are very good friends, Martín replied with a resounding no and even mentioned a certain Margaret, a woman with whom he exchanged messages (the owner of the apartment he rents in Mar del Plata connected them) but who he has not yet met in person.

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