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In those we are, we will have to choose before equally terrible options and from which there is no escape. Sometimes life, viruses or authoritarianism put us in these dilemmas and there is no other choice but to try to choose the “least worse” option and assume that this is what it is and that is how it touched us and that’s it. Resignation or resilience if you prefer in these unfortunate times.

The crossroads made up of “confinement against the virus versus economic survival” places us practically at a dead end. We have had the escalation that we have suffered in recent weeks in the number of infections by Covid and we have to face it alone. Since 2020 it has been very clear to us Mexicans that our government was not going to support micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in any way. As if this were not enough, let us remember that 60% of the workers in our country are part of the informal economy and that in this case there is no other choice but to go out and earn a living against all odds, for them it is about go out or go out, as the only option to eat.

The saddest thing is that while in other Latin American countries (not to mention the European Union or the United States) there has been economic support to be able to get ahead in the midst of the pandemic, in Mexico the president has flatly refused to do so and in a nutshell has sent the message that we all scratch ourselves with our own fingernails. What to do then?

For the privileged ones who can work remotely, the home office option is good, but the rest of the jobs that require face-to-face work are literally between a rock and a hard place and none of their options are free of threats and dangers to their lives and feeding. Who cares?

Precisely to avoid support and not assume its responsibility, the current administration has dedicated itself to minimizing the pandemic, saying a thousand times (from 2 years ago and until today) that the curve is flattened and that the “covidcito” is what more similar to a cold that is cured with teas and caresses on the back with VapoRub. Nothing more fake! Of course, the mask is not part of the presidential attire and with or without Ómicron, López Obrador refuses to use it as a bad example for all Mexicans. We are in problems.

On the other hand, let us recognize that we are citizens “by way”, our indifference and resignation makes us be very undemanding with our rulers and our ancestral disinterest in public affairs are a lethal combination that has brought us to this (among others) very unfortunate situation.

The most optimistic forecasts say that perhaps in a couple of weeks the infections will begin to drop, and the most pessimistic forecasts tell us that 50% of the population of our country will be infected in this fateful fourth wave. Whatever the case, it looks terrifying.

In our hands, in raising our voices, in our ability to demand and not look the other way, is the possibility of making ourselves heard and achieving what we all want: health and at least survival for all Mexicans, we no longer want more families. in mourning

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