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Puebla, Pue. Small businesses anticipate a 15% drop in their sales during the first quarter of 2022, given the inflationary escalation that affects the purchasing power of the people of Puebla, so it will be until April when they see better income, explained the president of the National Small Chamber of Commerce (Canacope) in Puebla, César González Morales, explained that the “January slope” will last until February, so it will be from Easter when economic activity begins to be reactivated.

He mentioned that only in the Historic Center of the capital of Puebla, businesses reported a 50% drop in sales, despite the fact that the presence of informal merchants in the area has dropped to a minimum.

In addition to this, he commented that the increase in the price of the items that make up the basic basket has generated a cost adjustment of between 15 and 30% for the consumer, “which is not wanted to be done, but it is mandatory to avoid losses. ”.

For 2022, González Morales mentioned that the outlook for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in Puebla will be characterized by rising prices, moderate consumption and adjustments to the cost of inputs such as fuel and electricity.

He considered that each businessman should take his forecasts this month so as not to make extra orders and go on coping with his sales with the right merchandise, in order to avoid having payment problems with his suppliers.

The business leader trusted that the outlook could change before the projected date, since there are those who have not been able to recover after the drop in sales due to the pandemic, since March 2020.

Job positions

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce in Small in Puebla He trusted that for the second quarter the conditions will be met to recover 50% of the 3,500 jobs lost in shops from August 2020 to September of last year.

González Morales referred that the economic reactivation has been slow after the reopening in October 2021 and that makes it difficult to generate more jobs, so there is only the essential one, which is two to three in most establishments.

He explained that the dismissals were due to the bankruptcy or change of business of 1,500 businesses in the time that it takes from the covid-19 pandemic, among which are those of school supplies, aesthetics and gyms. In addition, the most affected were general assistants and cashiers, due to low sales.

He recognized that it is more difficult for his sector to generate jobs, because the vast majority have become businesses in which all members of a family do some activity to save payroll.

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