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The consolidation of the great sports performance of Carlos Rodriguez, player of Blue Cross, he will not only come if he gets his place in Qatar 2022, but as it is a World Cup year, the cost of its advertising agreements will also reach its highest peak.

The midfielder is one of the signings that most excites the fans, since he debuted with goals from the 43rd minute of matchday one to help win the match against Tijuana and on date two he repeated the dose by marking against Juarez, in addition to recovering two balls, hitting 14 passes, a shot and securing another three points.

Away from the great figures of Monterrey, the 25-year-old player now enjoys having the spotlight in one of the greatest institutions of Mexican soccer, where, in addition to fulfilling the function of recovering the ball in midfield, John Reynoso it also exploits its offensive potential. The coach uses it as a hitch, in front of the two holds Raphael Read Y Erick Lira, leaving Rodríguez the responsibility of creating and setting up attacking situations.

Cruz Azul is not the only one who wins with Charly’s landing. Raphael Colonel, CEO of StayPro Group, the soccer player’s commercial representation agency, is already identifying the digital and commercial opportunities offered by a club like this at the national level, where the player will be able to build up a larger fan base, not only at the state level.

“The fact that he is now in Mexico City has allowed us to create a more solid positioning strategy that will be reflected in the coming months: from giveaway activities on his social networks, presence in programs and even interaction with other athletes. and recognized content creators”, Coronel explained to The Economist.

From the day of his presentation with Cruz Azul, until Tuesday, January 18, the midfielder increased his audience in Twitter 12%, in Facebook 10% and in Instagram 10 percent. “By the end of the year it should be exceeding one million followers on its different platforms,” ​​said the director of StayPro.

Armando Escamilla, Managing Partner of the sponsorship consultancy, Patroria, pointed out that in the analysis of the return on investment, the exposure that the Celestes obtain is greater than in other places, despite the ground that soccer has gained in places like Monterrey.

But for this you will have to pay the price. With his protagonism, in a media team and in a World Cup cycle, this is also “the most expensive moment of his career”, in which he can offer his association with the brands at a higher cost, said Patroria’s Managing Partner.

“The purchase of Cruz Azul It comes at a time when the footballer’s performance is going to be at its peak for wanting to go to the World Cup. After a World Cup year comes a relapse in his statistics, not only in Charly, but in all the players in general. The same will happen with the sponsorship value, this is the moment of highest peak to take advantage of the World Cup theme and that a larger window opens. You have the whole year, if you take it today, to take advantage of this partnership and build for the first winter world cup”.

Currently, Charly has sponsorships with Codere, StarPlus and Nike. StayPro also handles the management of the advertising campaigns of players What Hector Herrera (Atletico Madrid) and Diego Reyes (Tigres), who have been associated with brands such as Banorte, Gillette Mexico, Disney+ Latin America, among other.

Carlos Rodríguez constantly feeds his social networks with retweets or sharing photos of his training sessions, his achievements or his family, an attraction for family-oriented companies. But the image of the young footballer as Buyer Person, or fictitious representation of the ideal client of the brands, also fits with the change in the sponsorships of the Mexican team, which recently announced to the Bitso cryptocurrency platform Yet the e-commerce platform for sale of Kavak cars, analyzed Escamilla.

2022 is just the continuation of a career that has been on the rise. In 2021, Rodríguez was proclaimed champion of the pre-olympic from Concacaf and bronze medalist in the Tokyo Olympics with the Mexican National Team under 23, while with Rayados he lifted the Concacaf Champions League trophy. Of the 8.5 million dollars it was worth in January 2021, according to portal estimates Transfermarkt, its value skyrocketed to 11.4 in October of the same year. He is currently Cruz Azul’s highest rated player.

The media Statiskicks pointed out that his arrival at the cement club made sense to fill the vacancy he left Orbelin Pineda, who “is characterized by being an incisive passer (passes to the area), getting involved in positional attacks asking for the ball and constantly creating opportunities”. The Statiskicks database showed that Rodríguez was an ideal candidate, since among his strengths in 2021 are the creation of opportunities, the expected assists and successful long passes.

Carlos Rodríguez entered the school at the age of eight San Nicolás Rayados Official School. In 2008 he joined the basic forces and in 2016 he made his debut in the first team. In the 2017-2018 season he had a brief stint with Toledo, then in the third division of Spain, and on his return his value increased constantly. He is now the second most valuable player in the MX League and the fifth in the Mexican National Team, according to data from Transfermarkt.

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