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We cannot deny that Argentina is a country in a call for creditors, since we have been negotiating our debt with the IMF and the Paris Club for two years, and the incredible thing is that the directors, CEOs, managers, etc., of this generous Argentina are not aware of the seriousness of the situation. In any private company, faced with this same reality, the restrictions and impositions that the board requires of its management personnel are very rigorous, from the smallest, such as coffee and toilet paper, to the suspension of drivers, corporate cards, any type of entertainment, salary increases, change of cars. The salary priority is the production staff, in order to have the resources to maximize the company’s income, a double shift for the commercials.

In our case, we see the opposite: excellent clothes, cars practically zero kilometers, weekly hairdresser, vacations without seniority, etc.

It is true that everyone has acquired rights, but when you have to leave the call you cannot spare enormous efforts, as promised in the electoral campaigns.

Eduardo P. Coda

[email protected]

I would ask Luana Volnovich if she was able to relax during her vacation from her management problems, since I have received a request for diapers of any size from a home for low-income people in my area, because PAMI does not deliver them.

Maria Rosa Inurrategui de Bertran

DAYS 5,691,835

In her masterpieces of the story, Cristina Kirchner continues hammering in the media that the huge debt contracted by the Macri government with the IMF is the main cause of all the ills that beset the republic. What is alarming is that to date there have only been lukewarm attempts by the opposition to unmask strategy K, which encourages the government to perpetuate this refrain, which is the only lifesaver left to it. It is therefore totally incomprehensible that, despite the significant damage caused by this Soviet-style disinformation strategy, it is not clear once and for all what those loans were used for, nor what the resounding financial situation was, including maturities. of debt and enormous deficit that Macri found as soon as he assumed his presidency. Inexplicably, PvC’s miscommunications, which largely caused the Front of All to return to power, continue.

Carlos Alexander Arteaga

DAYS 10,736,136

Attentive to the letter that Guadalupe Jones sent days ago, entitled “Justicia tuerta”, in which she announces the death of elderly prisoners in jail; and the statement by prosecutor Delgado in a note for TN, in which he stated: “Illegal things are done in the justice system all the time in the name of the law”, is that I would like to add that from 2003 to date 679 have died in captivity elderly people whose rights have been systematically violated.

Some were found dead in their cells; others, such as Commissioner Becerra, who, not being treated for his diabetes, died completely gangrenous, or Aeronautics NCO Molina, abandoned with generalized cancer. Other similar cases were the ship captain Scheller, who died consumed weighing 35 kilos less for not having been properly treated. The same as Colonel Meroi, who died of a heart attack the day before the sentencing, being sentenced to life postmortem. And these are only 3 of the 679 cases.

Lawfare: when governments use the Judiciary as a weapon of war to destroy institutions.

Ana D. Magi

DAYS 6,075,085

There are many crimes that unfortunately, year after year, we are getting used to knowing, like that of Fernando Báez Sosa. But why does this affect us so much and move us especially? It is a crime committed by middle-class kids who should be thankful because surely they have never lacked for anything and have had opportunities that most young people would only dream of. But they choose violence. They choose nothing, no future and hatred of others. That there are young people with such contempt for life – for theirs first and then for everyone else’s – is the crime that hurts the most.

John Colombo

[email protected]

Two years have passed since the brutal and savage murder of Fernando Báez Sosa. Seeing those parents crying in the place where he was killed is moving, it tears. But today Villa Gesell is an armored city. Young people “emigrate” to Pinamar because they say that Gesell has become a family town. !! Congratulations!! They consider control excessive, they do not find spaces to have fun, they believe that it is no longer the city of before.

Something I read several years ago comes to mind: “The perception of control improves behavior.”

Denise N. de Gallagher

[email protected]

Trade with Brazil reportedly broke a record in 2021.

Those that also break records are the potholes, potholes and ruts on the famous “Mercosur route”. National Route 14 has become a real danger; the trucks circulate in the fast lane to avoid the ruts that they themselves produced, many cars imitate them and the traffic is a true chaos. Not to mention the sector of the two-hand route between Paso de los Libres and Iguazú. Long convoys of trucks stuck together make it extremely risky to overtake. Accidents are the order of the day. The announcement to continue the highway to Posadas was only a promise. Welcome then the greater trade with our main partner, but let’s put the roads in conditions.

Eduardo F. de Abelleyra

[email protected]

El Marplatense: the sad end of the luxury train

“In Europe, this is taken care of and profits from it, like the Orient Express train, and it’s money for the country! The opposite is done here, nothing is ever taken care of, everything is thrown away”- Susana Goncalves Bowling

“100% Argentina”- Cristian Rinaldi

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