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Interview with Víctor Treviño, Mexican ambassador to Ethiopia

Two years after Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard emphasized the importance of establishing a closer relationship with the African Union (AU), Víctor Treviño, Mexican ambassador to Ethiopia and permanent representative of said political union, assures that several advances have been made.

Hand in hand with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Mexico took the first steps and managed to resume dialogue. It is expected that with the Pro Tempore presidency that Argentina holds, the follow-up will continue since it is committed to integration, said the diplomat.

“The presidency of the AU right now is under the Democratic Republic of the Congo and there is a lot of interest that we can take steps in the links in art and culture.” “Mexico and the Latin American countries see us as brothers, what has been asked of us is that we privilege a south-south cooperation relationship where in terms of technical cooperation we contribute what we know in some practices”, he said.

Treviño stressed that there is sympathy for Mexico’s policy in the United Nations, such as the initiative to promote universal access to vaccines “and if Mexico manages to donate vaccines in the future, it would be very important to have this type of contribution.”

The diplomat indicated that the emergence of the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement is very important because it is the most ambitious commercial project that exists. “The Africans are even looking for a common passport, a central bank for all the 55 countries that make up the AU, a common currency, it will not be easy, so Mexico can provide them with all the experience it has had with all the free trade treaties. trade, technical issues of rules of origin and others, we have a good contribution there”.

The ambassador informed that the lawsuit against the United States armories is an issue that will be taken to the AU since two years ago a central issue for them was to silence the weapons, “the importance and Mexican experience will be replicated. They are also suffering from illicit arms trafficking.”

He explained that there are coincidences in welfare projects such as access to employment and training for young people, so it will be followed up on the continent that just requires it.

“The Mexican agenda can be applied to different ends of the Earth, and of course to Africa,” he concluded.

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