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Exclusive: Zareen Khan Says: ‘I Can’t Be A Monkey On Salman Khan’s Back’; Says She’s ‘Replaceable Right Now’

The actor, in a candid tête-à-tête, talks about being expendable and why assumptions that Salman Khan is his godfather ‘undermines his struggles’

It is almost 12 years of actor Zareen Khan in the Hindi film industry, however, the actor has no qualms about accepting that she is still replaceable. “Actors are insecure”, he admits, “they are indispensable and replaceable. And nobody really cares. I have always been very happy in my own space. So, I’ve never been to any races. But I think I’m pretty replaceable, right now. Unless you’re an A-lister, people won’t wait for you.”

Looking back on his journey, Khan realizes that people may have mistaken his timid nature for arrogance. “My dad had left us, (so) I was the one who had to assume the responsibility of financially taking care of my family. I had no one helping or guiding me. It was intimidating. It intimidated me and many took it as arrogance. There have been times when I felt lost in the industry. I wanted to do a good job, but I wasn’t allowed to show my acting talent and what I could bring to the table. There were preconceived notions about me as I was just a pretty face,” Khan opens his heart.

The actress began her career in 2010 alongside Salman Khan in To turn. Since then, speculation has abounded that Salman helped her career. “A lot of people still have that assumption,” Khan shares, adding, “I’m grateful to Salman because he never would have entered the industry if it wasn’t for me. He gave me an entrance into the industry. But my struggle started after I became part of the industry because I didn’t know anything then. Salman is an amazing person, but he is also a busy man. I can’t be a monkey on his back and pick on him over little things. Many people to date think that all the work I do is through him and that is not true. Salman is a friend and he’s just a phone call away, but I’m not bothering him. And that undermines the fight, the hard work that I’ve done.”



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