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After being for years a repeated figure on the screen of eltrece and becoming an inevitable dancer in the multiple editions of ShowMatch, Gabo Usandivaras left everything behind and went to live outside of Argentina. This resounding decision was made in 2019 as part of the grieving process after the death of his mother. Today, moved by the death of his sister, the artist said that it is time to return to his homeland.

Gabo Usandivaras during his visit to Los Angeles, United States
Gabo Usandivaras during his visit to Los Angeles, United Statesinstagram

A year and a half ago it was Cinthia Fernández who announced that her friend and dance partner, Gabo Usandivaras, had left the country. As commented in The Angels of the Morning (eltrece), The young man felt that he needed to leave many things behind and went to visit various locations on the continent. She lived in different places, did some modeling work and finally settled in Mexico, where she planned to live based on her savings.

There he was when, a few days before celebrating the end of 2021, received the hard news of the death of his sister Giselle.

In Argentina, the same information was confirmed by Ángel de Brito during one of the latest editions of BLUE. Moved, the driver reported: “I want to send a big kiss to Gabo Usandivaras, who comes from difficult times, because his sister passed away”. Although no further details were known about the circumstances or the cause, from the channel they assured that it happened “in a very ugly way”.

Since then, The artist used his social networks to remember the young woman and talk about his feelings. Finally, almost a month after the event, Gabo expressed in his Instagram stories that he feels it is necessary to return to Argentina now.

“I assumed that my healing requires love and not just mine. I have decided after a year and a half to start returning to my country, to my home, to my origin. I have assumed the need to let myself fall into my web of love. Beyond the fact that today I find myself with many tools to love life and carry it forward, I am aware and I assume the need to heal myself from the love that my network can offer me, “he said. In that sense, he added: “Friends, family, I’m coming back. Prepare the mates, the fernets and the hands to pamper me a lot. I missed them and now I need them.”

Gabo Usandivaras announced on his social networks that he will return to live in Argentina
Gabo Usandivaras announced on his social networks that he will return to live in Argentinainstagram

Later he clarified that he has been in Mexico for five months. During this time, Gabo lived with his sister for 70 days and assured that he treasures that time in the depths of his heart: “Coexistence left me with a lot of learning and lived love, that today those memories are the engine of my will”.

He also explained that he lived “from adventure to adventure for a year and a half” and that, for this reason, he cannot return from one day to the next. However, he said that his next destination is already defined and it is undoubtedly Argentina.

Gabo Usandivaras announced that he will return to Argentina
Gabo Usandivaras announced that he will return to Argentinainstagram

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