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fans of Georgina Rodriguez are eager for the premiere of the Netflix series that will be a reality about his life. However, the entrepreneur born in Argentina dedicated herself in recent months to providing some advances in interviews with the press, where she told details about her day to day with her family and with her husband and forward of the Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a recent conversation with the newspaper The country, from Spain, the influencer, who accumulates almost 30 million followers on Instagram, answered first if she considers herself the most influential person in her partner’s life. “In the family sphere, obviously yes. In football and business, no. In any case, your opinion belongs to you.”, he stated, unlike the role assumed by other wives of soccer players, such as Wanda Nara with Mauro Icardi.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are expecting twins
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are expecting twins Instagram @geogrinagio

Is that Georgina he has his own issues to take care of, which have to do with the series that is about to be released, his clothing brand, Om by G, and the twins he expects from the scorer. At the same time, Rodriguez He told when his taste for the sport that CR7 practices awoke. “I started to get interested with Cristiano, because I’m interested in what my partner does, but I’m not a soccer fan and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about soccer”, surprised.

In addition to drawing the attention of readers with this unexpected statement about the conversations in his home about the activity that brought the Portuguese to maximum stardom, Georgina She spoke, for example, of what it is like to live “surrounded by bodyguards”. In this sense, he said that it does not bother him “at all” to move like this because it “makes” his life easier. “They do their job very well and respect the spaces a lot,” he added.

The new preview of the Georgina Rodríguez series

Netflix He has just published a new preview of the program about the life of one of the most resonant female figures in the world of fashion and football. There, He talks about how he met the Portuguese star and the footballer himself is interviewed About that first meeting.

“The day I met Cristiano, I go to work, I arrive at Gucci, as usual, and when I’m leaving the store I see a gorgeous man appear, I stop… I started to feel like tickles in the stomach and I ‘but well, what’s wrong with me?’”, she says in the advance, while Ronaldo comments: “And that’s where it stuck in my head. And it was like a moment of a click”.

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