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A few years ago it was played for fun; Today, a game can be an investment method to such an extent that the Play to Earn model has become a worldwide trend. To those who are involved in the universe of cryptocurrencies It won’t bother you to read about NFT titles, but what specifically is this teenage dream of earning money spending hours in front of a video game about? First, a review.

Nostalgics will remember this innovative game or social network system that was launched in August 2000. Habbo It was an online community focused on young people who, through avatars, created chat rooms in the shape of hotel rooms. There they connected with other players, organized virtual parties, had pets and could even complete challenges playing with other users.

The interesting part is that the platform had “Habbo credits”, a virtual currency of the game. This micropayment system consisted of paying with real money to buy virtual currency and, in this way, acquire costumes, characters, accessories, and more.

With the internet revolution, many considered how to market games digitally, and thus the subscription system appeared in titles such as World of Warcraft. The problem was that people chose the free to play rather than pay a monthly subscription, which led the developers to think of a new market strategy: the loot boxes.

Loot boxes, a new market strategy.
Loot boxes, a new market strategy.

This microtransaction system became not only a new method for developers to earn profits, but also another way to pay for content. In addition, it generated a barter economy among users. The system is still in force in many of the most popular titles on the market: FIFA, Call of Duty, League of Legends, CSI.

Now it is the turn of video games associated with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, better known as NFTs. Although they have made some lucky people millionaires and provide others with a kind of salary, the flip side is that they are branded as wild speculations, high-risk products and that do not conform to the conventional laws that govern video games. And, logically, like everything that is not regulated, it often falls for virtual scams.

Currently, there is a wide variety of games based on blockchains What do they use NFT (non-fungible tokens), which allow players to earn money by playing. Clearly, to enter you have two options: invest or access through a scholarship.

An NFT is a type of digital crypto asset. Every NFT represents something unique, from a meme to an avatar in a video game. They are backed by smart contracts, so it is possible to know if they are original, and they cannot be stolen or forged, since they are associated with a unique key maintained within a chain of cryptocurrency blocks.

An NFT game is a video game where some of its parts is a token. They can be characters, weapons, objects, etc., and there can be millions. But each one is encrypted within a blockchain, usually that of Ethereum.

Something similar to what happened with Habbo credits, NFT they are bought with the game’s own cryptocurrency: you need to register with an exchange service, pay the commission and invest to get your NFT. The more popular the title you access, the more people will play it and the value of their cryptocurrency will rise. In the same way, if a game loses interest or if you invested before the release of the work, you lose all your investment.

However, companies like Ubisoft, SEGA or Epic Games are already developing NFT games. It won’t be long before they find their place and, like loot boxes, end up being regulated by law.

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