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The job offer in this month of January it reaches 64,000 vacancies, which opens possibilities to workers who seek to recover a job within the formality.

Despite the cancellation of 312,000 jobs in December, there is a real demand for workers at the beginning of this year.

According to the signature of the Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH) vacancies are presented throughout the national territory and should be filled in the coming weeks, so a greater number of talent applications is expected.

“It is necessary to start 2022 by encouraging a reactivation in the generation of formal jobs. Yes, employment is recovering; however, we must comply with all health protocols to strengthen occupational safety and health in collaborators and we can witness a healthy recovery, “he says Héctor Márquez Pitol, president of the AMECH.

Within the first 10 places of the open vacancies are: salesman, promoter and sales executive; administrative assistant, sales consultant, cashier, storekeeper, customer service, accounting assistant and receptionist.

Of these vacancies sales consultant is one of the best paid with an average salary of 12,950.00 pesos; Administrative assistant follows with an average salary of 11,150.00 pesos; and accounting assistant with an average salary of 10,625.00 pesos.

Positions related to the productive sectors that present the greatest difficulty in finding talent, Sales / Digital Marketing; Administrative Support / Office and Customer Service, according to the firm’s “Talent Shortage” study ManpowerGroup.

The return to working life

Héctor Márquez added that, given the increase in cases of Covid-19, one must reflect on the financial situation in the country, which could further weaken the labor structure, hence the need for workers and companies to establish commitments. clear in compliance with the health measures that the authority has dictated.

“To ensure business continuity, it is necessary to promote a multidisciplinary team approach and update contingency plans related to the evolution of Covid-19, which is why it is necessary to design the operational strategy based on how work teams should adapt to new work models, whether they are hybrid or remote”, stressed the manager.

Among the recommendations to carry out the job search in this new reality, it is required that the candidates open their search panorama towards digital tools. “It is observed that in Mexico the job search trend is prioritized in social media ads, followed by virtual job fairs, job board applications, chat on the company website, and direct messages to the recruiter or company. ”, he highlighted.

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