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A judge ordered the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) to investigate the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, for possible crimes of omission in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, reported this Thursday Javier Coello, the lawyer who is handling the case.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) the judge (…) determines that the Attorney General’s Office has to thoroughly investigate this matter,” he told the network. RadioFormula Javier Coello, the lawyer representing the complainants.

He explained that the complaint against López-Gatell has its origin in the death of relatives of two of the workers of his legal office due to Covid-19.

The resolution issued by the control judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the South Prison, Ganther Alejandro Villar Ceballos, in a hearing on January 19, instructs the FGR investigate the undersecretary and any other official who may be responsible for possible omissions in the handling of the pandemic.

Part of the legal argument is that the official “had the obligation, the duty to care, to prevent all this that has been known since January 2020 and he did not do it,” Coello explained.

He added that the complaint narrates what he called “negligence” by López-Gatell. Among them, Coello added, was the ban on private hospitals from testing to detect Covid-19 among the country’s population.

“It would be a crime of homicide by omission,” said the lawyer.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell He was appointed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the person in charge and spokesperson for the Mexican government’s strategy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that began in the country in February 2020.

During his assignment, the official has been involved in several controversies that involved the use of masks, the need to carry out massive tests to detect the disease or the real number of deaths from the health emergency.

In recent weeks, Mexico has faced a vertiginous increase in the number of infections.

On Wednesday, the country registered 60,552 new cases, a maximum in almost two years of the health contingency, according to figures from the Ministry of Health. In total, the country adds 4.4 million infections of the disease and 302,112 deaths.

Experts point out that the Covid-19 infections in Mexico, of 126 million inhabitants, would be many more than those reported by the authorities because it is one of the countries that performs the fewest screening tests in the world, according to a follow-up by the University of Oxford.

Last week, Mexico carried out an average of 0.33 tests per 1,000 inhabitants, according to that study.

In laboratories and in modules of the mayor’s office in Mexico City to detect the coronavirus, long and numerous lines have been observed since the beginning of the year.


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