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Jessica Rodriguez, the woman who denounced the lawyer for sexual abuse and kidnapping Mariano Mera Alba, son of the former Minister of the Interior Julio Mera Figueroa, arrested yesterday after being a fugitive for almost three years, said today in an interview with radio with you that waits “Justice” and that the accused “suffer” Y “long live everything” what she lived.

“For me it is a step up, a fairly important advance, I feel relieved, I am a little calmer and waiting to see how everything goes”Rodriguez assured. And he recalled that it all started when he went to Mera Alba’s house for “a promise of work in the Municipality of Merlo” and spent “around a year living in her house with the promise of this job that never came.”

According to the woman, she lived there with her two daughters. “Enduring lots of humiliation, labor exploitation”, since “she lived practically locked up, she did not have keys to the place and she could not leave without permission” from Mera Alba. During that time, “a lot of humiliation and abuse, until he rapes meIt’s still hard for me to say and after that fact I escape”, he recounted. And he added: “I was able to get out of there, I left with a lot of fear, I did not want to report what could happen to me, because I saw what I was capable of, until I saw another girl who had denounced him and I understood that my testimony was also very important”.

The lawyer Mariano José Mera Alba, accused of sexual abuse, kidnapping and robbery, had been a fugitive since March 2019
The lawyer Mariano José Mera Alba, accused of sexual abuse, kidnapping and robbery, had been a fugitive since March 2019Ministery of security

Rodríguez explained that, once the complaint was made, she had to look for a place to live with her daughters, where she could not be found. But nevertheless, was located and kidnapped. “They take me to a place, they torture me, they extort money from me and I tell him that I am going to do what he tells me, and what he wanted is for him to rectify the complaint in court,” he said. The correction meant that the woman change her statement in favor of Mera Alba in two criminal cases for sexual abuse.

According to Rodríguez, his kidnapping had the support of members of the Boca brave bar. “Back then I went to the Boca field, I never believed that (Mera Alba) would have power there. In fact, a boy I knew from the field at night in La Boca meets me and I go. There were members of the bar and he appears with two men. And there I understood that they were all together, that they were accomplices and that they did nothing while I screamed, beat me and dragged me away, “the woman recalled in the interview.

Despite the fear she claimed to have felt, the woman denounced Mera Alba: “I couldn’t keep quiet, but what happened to me happened to speak up, that’s why it’s so hard to denounce a person, even more so if he’s a son of power.”

“I hope that Justice is done and that Justice acts as it has to act, that he suffers, that he lives everything that I lived and feels everything that I felt”, Rodríguez concluded in the interview with Con Vos radio.

Lawyer Mariano Jose Mera Alba, son of Julio Mera Figueroa, Minister of the Interior during the first presidency of Carlos Menem, was arrested yesterday in Moreno by personnel from the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), after spending three years on the run in a case where he was investigated for sexual abuse.

The arrest was carried out by Brigades of the PFA Fugitive Search Division after “field assignments, covert interviews and exploitation of social networks” as far as he could know THE NATION of case sources.

In addition to being accused of sexual abuse, a national and international arrest warrant weighed on Mera Alba since March 2019 for the crimes of kidnapping, robbery in town and gang. The lawyer had been denounced in 2018 before the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 8 of Morón for sexual abuse, kidnapping and robbery. For these facts, the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court No. 10 sentenced in May of last year to five years and six months in prison two men who had deprived Rodríguez of his freedom to change your statement.

During the trial, the prosecution highlighted the role of the lawyer Mera Alba, whom they pointed out as “directly responsible for the situation.” Therefore, the judges ordered that testimonies be sent to the Court to investigate the participation of two people in the event, one of them, Rafael Di Zeo, one of the leaders of the Boca bar at that time.

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