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THE SILVER.– The health pass to travel by medium and long distance buses will begin to govern in the terminals of the province. The Axel Kicillof government plans to implement the measure before February to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The requirement will be implemented in the coming days by a ministerial resolution, under the umbrella of the Free Pass with Vaccines decree, which was published on December 21 in the Official Gazette.

“It is a decision that will be announced imminently by the government of Axel Kicillo”, an official source told THE NATION. The pass will be required from the passenger at the time of purchasing the ticket. At that time, you should Prove that you have at least two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Any measure that promotes vaccination is taken into account. The health pass has been tremendously successful in generating more willingness to get vaccinated. The idea is not to penalize anyone, it is not to restrict anyone. Vaccination awareness. He who does not get vaccinated represents a risk to himself and to others,” Kicillof said this week in Monte Hermoso.

“Within the restrictions that we are going to implement and, based on this health passport decree, those who travel by long-distance buses must have the complete vaccination schedule,” said Jorge D’Onofrio, provincial transport minister.

There are details that are not yet resolved, such as the date on which the measure will come into force, although it could be next week. Nor is it defined whether passengers arriving in the province from other jurisdictions will also be required to do so. It is that in most districts the health pass is not requested to move between jurisdictions.

THE NATION found that there are no restrictions for unvaccinated people to travel between provinces in the interior of the country. For example, from Chubut to Rio Negro. or from Río Negro to Buenos Aires, passing through La Pampa and Neuquén, proof of the complete vaccination schedule is not required.

“I bought two tickets to travel from Bariloche to La Plata and they didn’t ask me for anything,” said Juan Pedro, a Vía Bariloche user who will travel next week on a bus that crosses three provinces.

The measure that Buenos Aires will begin to demand was already anticipated by the national government. “The Nation is not going to object to any decision of this type, but is going to accompany it as we have always done, respecting the federal autonomy that each jurisdiction has to take this type of measure,” said the Executive Director of the National Commission for the Regulation of Transportation, Jose Arteaga.

As he indicated: “Each jurisdiction is taking measures of this type, in order to protect its own citizens and at the same time certain sectors of work.”

The official asked the Kicillof government to prioritize the application of the third dose of the vaccine among workers who drive long-distance buses, while requiring the health pass.

“They are already warning that they are going to request the sanitary passes. I think it’s fine, there are people who don’t think the same. Complaints will not be lacking,” he told THE NATION Gisele, information employee at the La Plata bus station.

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