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The public prosecutor of the Mexico City, Ernestina Godoyindicated that a reparation agreement has been reached with 80% of the direct and indirect victims from the collapse of a section of Line 12 of the Metro, which caused the death of 26 people and 98 wounded.

“To date there has been a settlement agreement with Mexico City, which contemplates the repair of Line 12. At the moment we have signed reparation agreements with 80% of the direct and indirect victims, strictly complying with international standards, including loss of earnings, which is the income they left or they will stop receiving the victims for the loss of the head or the head of the family provider,” he explained.

During a message on the occasion of his second work report in the Mexico City Museum, Godoy Ramos mentioned that the Prosecutor’s Office in his charge assumed from the beginning the commitment to find the causes of this tragedy, in order to guarantee access to justice, comprehensive reparation of the damage and the guarantee of non-repetition.

Godoy Ramos said that the health, education and safety of the girls and boys who were orphans in this tragedy.

The capital prosecutor said that with transparency and scientific rigor, the Prosecutor’s Office investigated and determined that the causes of the collapse were due to deficiencies in the design and construction of the structure, as well as the inadequate quality of the materials used in the construction. And he added that the opinion of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office regarding the crash has been strengthened.

“The expert opinion allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to formulate accusations against eight officials with the power to prove and monitor compliance with the specifications of the work. This opinion, up to now, has not been distorted, on the contrary, experts such as those of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon have confirmed it, which strengthens the hypotheses and the conclusions issued by the Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

They deny suspension of the process to Horcasitas

Meanwhile, yesterday the Sixteenth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City, denied the former director of the Subway Project, Enrique Horcasitas Manjarrez, a definitive suspension with which he intended to cancel the hearing on March 7 and, therefore, the judicial process against him for the collapse of a beam on Line 12 of the Metro.

The judge’s decision occurred after a Collegiate Court of the First Circuit declared unfounded the appeal filed by Horcasitas to challenge the decision of the imparter of justice Yazmin Erendira Ruiz Ruiz, who did not grant him the precautionary measure.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses 10 former officials, including Horcasitas, of the crime of culpable homicide of 26 people, as well as for their acts or omissions.

Some of the 10 reported are: Enrique Horcasitas, former director of Design and Civil Works for the Metro Project; Moses Guerrero Ponce, director of Civil Works Construction for the Metro Project; Juan Antonio Giral y Mazon, Director of Civil Works for the Metro Project; Hector Rosas Troncoso, deputy director of Civil Works; Y Enrique Baker Diaz, deputy director of Structure and Engineering.

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