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In the midst of a context in which the new administrations of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico are starting operations and the health contingency continues, an approval is needed between the Municipal Bandos, the urban development plans and the state law of Competitiveness and Commercial Planning , assured the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) Of the entity.

In a virtual press conference, the president of the State of Mexico CCE, Laura González Hernández, explained that although for years there has not been an update of the urban development plans with the State Law of Competitiveness and Commercial Planning, the arrival of the new municipal presidents is creating a new opportunity to make improvements and implement them as soon as possible.

He specified that it is pertinent because they are developing the Municipal Bands, which are the municipal government plans and strategies for the next three years.

With this approval, he deepened, economic development would enter a new stage of priority for the first order of government, which would allow more jobs and social stability to be generated.

Among the different areas of opportunity that local governments should consider, highlights the issue of low-impact licenses so that they are permanent with only annual endorsement. Another example is that the municipalities could already have a system for the rapid opening of companies, where the benefit is that a new business can be opened within 48 hours.

Another point is what has to do with the specific restrictions on informal trade, as well as prohibiting the sale of illegal merchandise through the ambulance.

In addition, the civil protection area could be reviewed; “The issue of verifications should be reviewed in depth by the authorities as an action to prevent corruption.”

“It is very important to review the criteria used by the municipalities to give power and attribution of verification and control or issuance of licenses to government departments in economic development operations. The development plans play a fundamental role for the growth and competitiveness of the municipalities, so they must be updated but also consulted with the expert sectors on these issues,” he said.


Laura González reported that they have already identified several sectors that are presenting absenteeism due to the fourth wave of the pandemic, for example, between January 1 and 17 there were 36,000 disabilities due to the IMSS.

At the same time, taking the average percentage of absenteeism and regardless of whether or not they are insured by the IP, it is found that between 8-10% of the workforce of the Mexican commerce and services sector is disabled by the new variant of Covid-19, while in the industrial sector this amounts to 10-15% on average.

There are production areas of some manufacturing industries that have reached 18% absenteeism.


The president of the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico, Gilberto Sauza Martínez, described as positive that the Mexico state be the entity that receives the most resources from the Public Safety Contribution Fund, since this will help to contribute to the reduction of crime rates and that lag behind the economic competitiveness of the municipalities.

He pointed out that from the meeting between the Citizen Council of Public Security and the heads of security of the 32 entities of the Republic, it was agreed that the entity will receive 548,566 million pesos from a total fund of 7,980 million pesos for this year.

Sauza Martínez reported that currently the 125 municipalities of the state territory are already integrated into the National Police and Civic Justice Model, whose fundamental objective is to pacify the country and dignify the security actions that have been undertaken.


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