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Queretaro, Qro. Faced with the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections and the impact that absenteeism is beginning to generate in the workplace, the Association of Industrial Mipymes of Querétaro (Amiqro) urged that workers be tested if they present symptoms related to Covid-19.

However, the president of Amiqro, José Luis Cámara Gil, assured that this union is not conditioning the entrance to the work centers with the presentation of a test for the detection of the coronavirus.

“I do not agree with the assertion that employers are demanding Covid tests to let staff go to work, this is not a real situation. What is happening is that it is a very, very strong wave of contagion and that, obviously, when detecting a person with a temperature or discomfort (…) which are unequivocal symptoms of a possible Covid, we are sending them to have tests ”, Held.

This measure, he assured, is not taken with the purpose of restricting their entry to the plants, but to prevent the spread of the virus from continuing.

Given the rise in infections, according to the association, companies have strengthened their health protocols, as well as remote work and health promotion campaigns.

According to the association, an information survey is carried out among the union members to identify the level of absenteeism that has occurred due to the Covid-19.

The workers of the companies affiliated to Amiqro, he said, correspond to formal jobs that are registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), for which he called on the IMSS to respond to the demands for services and procedures required by formally hired collaborators.

“All of us who work and pay contributions to the IMSS have the right to services, for that reason we are requesting that the IMSS collaborate and do its part in caring for the health of affiliated workers,” said Cámara Gil.

According to the leader, when asking the workers to go to the IMSS, in case of presenting symptoms, the aim is not to generate a problem for the institute, but attention is given to workers to avoid outbreaks in companies.

“It is not an indiscriminate practice, it is done only and exclusively with people who present symptoms at the time of entering the facilities, so if they are being sent to have the studies done, I think that this is far from generating a problem for the IMSS, we are being supportive to try to prevent the spread of the disease, “he said.

Covid-19 permit

The IMSS It has the Covid-19 Permit authorization program that is aimed at workers insured directly by the institution as holders, so that they can deliver it to their employers and justify the absence from their jobs.

At the end of 2021, the IMSS reported 628,676 affiliated jobs in the state, the majority (228,443) which is equivalent to 36.3% of the total, correspond to jobs generated in the transformation industry.

In this context, Queretaro has experienced a steady increase in positive cases of Covid-19, an increase that has been maintained since the beginning of the year.

From January 5 to 18, the entity reported 6,933 active cases of Covid-19, an indicator that places the state in 11th place with the highest incidence rate of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, exposes the federal Ministry of Health.

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