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No web series for Nawazuddin Siddiqui anymore: I don’t believe in herd mentality

The actor feels that quantity has overtaken quality in the digital space, and while he is not interested in web series, he will continue to make web movies.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui stated a while ago that he is no longer interested in doing web series. And this is reflected in his choice of upcoming projects, which include man of no land, Adbut, Tiku is home with Sheru, Heropanti 2 Y Jogira Sara Ra Ra – none of which are web programs.

He explains his decision, “Nowadays, there are a lot of web series being made. Due to the marketing and public relations machinery used to promote them, har series ki tareef ki ja rahi hai. This creates a lot of confusion about which series are really good and which are not.

The multi-award winning actor believes that quantity has trumped quality in the digital space, and it’s less of a novelty now than in the past. He says, “A lot of actors have now dabbled in that space, but I’m not someone who believes in the herd mentality. Mera zameer yeh gawaara nahin karta. Having said that, I am open to doing web movies because it gives the actor a global platform.”

This year, the 47-year-old will appear in a variety of films, including a drama, a supernatural thriller, a love story, a romantic comedy, and a commercial film.

Siddiqui shares: “It was a conscious decision to try my hands at multiple genres. I don’t want to do the same kind of movies, because it bores me. This year, I really wanted to focus on love stories.”

Pointing out how the sporadic interruption of film shoots caused by rising Covid-19 numbers every few months has affected his process as an actor, Siddiqui notes, “It breaks my rhythm. Something new hits us the moment the situation improves a bit and we return to the routine of continuing with the movies and characters we left behind. Show business faces the greatest loss and risk.”



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