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The controversy over the admission of Novak Djokovic a Australia without being vaccinated, which convulsed tennis and world public opinion, It ended when the player had to leave the host country of a tournament Grand Slam on a plane to Dubai. number one of the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) was expelled after 11 days of controversies following the Melbourne Federal Court ruling, so it now faces a three-year ban on returning to the oceanic country, a measure that will be reconsidered in due course. In addition, doubts arose regarding whether he will be able to play the tournament Roland Garros because France tightened its policy on the entry of foreigners without vaccination, in which case they would only be allowed to play in Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic: when the rules are the same for everyone
Novak Djokovic: when the rules are the same for everyone BRANDON MALONE – AFP

Shortly after the sentence was known, Djokovic declared himself “deeply disappointed with the court’s ruling”.

In contrast, the Australian Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, welcomed: “Australia’s strong border protection policies have kept us safe during the pandemic, resulting in one of the lowest death rates, strongest economic recoveries and highest vaccination rates in the world. world,” he said.

The Australian Prime Minister agreed with Hawke, Scott Morrison. He said that the cancellation was due to “reasons of health, safety and good order.” No less important were the statements of Rafael Nadal, Djokovic’s classic rival: “I’m a bit tired of the situation (…) The Australian Open is much more important than any player”.

At first, the organization of the tournament that had invited the Serb to participate had granted him a medical exemption, but then revoked his visa, which unnecessarily fueled controversy, since the player had to respect the health regulations set by the host country of the tournament. It is time for the sports world – including officials, players, fans and corporate sponsors – to stop exempting stars, whoever they are, from playing by the rules. The Djokovic episode occurred in the face of an exponential growth in infections due to the omicron variant. Giving the arm to twist was not an option for the Australian State, which from the outset made it clear that the rules were the same for everyone.

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