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A recent Federal Justice ruling sentenced the State to compensate $10 million for moral and psychological damage to two women sexually abused by six police officers and a penitentiary agent, between 2009 and 2011, when they were minors. The case once again puts into debate the situation of so many people who are direct victims of pimps who make another’s body a despicable trade.

The aforementioned court sentence constitutes an important step in this long road riddled with hypocrisy of all kinds. Not only is an economic penalty executed against the authority that has committed a serious crime, but, in her sentence, the judge Silvina Bracamonte incorporated into the compensation chain other demands presented by the public defender’s office, such as the effectiveness of the payment within a certain period, after the sentence becomes final, and that the compensation must also cover the costs of psychological treatment for both victims.

Last October, in another innovative ruling, not only were those sentenced to prison They forced 30 women to prostitute themselves in Cordoban clubs, but it was arranged that they be compensated with the proceeds from the auction of cars and properties that the gang of pimps acquired with profits of more than $31 million.

Another case initiated in 2018 led to an operation at the Autodromo de Rosario. A head of promoters in races and the contracting businessman were left on the verge of the oral trial for the crime of trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation against some 50 women forced into prostitution.

The complaints do not stop, many times also associated with religious sects that capture their victims and exploit them sexually. Either because they are subordinated to trafficking networks that keep them missing, physically and mentally abused and even threatened with death, as well as their relatives, or because they practice prostitution in a private home, the situation is equally degrading and dangerous Judging by the large number of fatalities generated by this vile trade, as it is often defined.

Many people who wield to practice prostitution by their own decision would stop doing so if they found jobs that respect their dignity, that give them autonomy of decision, an economic income that allows them to develop professionally and project the future that is currently forbidden to them.

Without clients, there is no business. It is an incontestable truth. Our Penal Code it does not condemn prostitution. However, it provides for penalties of arrest for those who promote, facilitate and also for those who economically exploit their exercise. The objective is to combat both trafficking and the figure of the pimp. The problem is to define the difference between alleged “sex workers” and exploiters. In Argentina there are abundant examples of women and men who supposedly offer sexual services privately, when in reality they are a front for networks or pimps who force them to sell themselves as if they were mere objects.

Whoever walks the streets of the city of Buenos Aires will get tired of seeing colorful illustrated flyers attached to the fronts of buildings, trees and street furniture promoting sex for money. Since 2011, the so-called “heading 59″ of classified ads for sexual offers published by some media was prohibited for covering up a crime that threatens the human condition. The new advertising variant was exacerbated from then on in the face of an unscrupulous society that does not require that the law also deal with these faults. It would be so simple to contact and fine those who resort to small pamphlets to cover up sexual tasks in addition to recruiting men and women, in many cases with deceptive job offers. We must ask ourselves why we continue to turn a blind eye to those who take advantage of social vulnerability, lack of employment and poverty.

An editorial from the newspaper The country of Spain could not better define this state of affairs. He said that it is necessaryescape the social hypocrisy that whitens or frivolizes that lacerating reality”, that the client of prostitution “You can ignore the horror behind the lives of the women you visit, but that does not exempt you from nurturing an industry of subhuman exploitation.” and that you cannot “keep pretending the problem doesn’t exist”.

From these columns we have said and insist that legalizing it is a serious mistake. Plain and simple, it should be prohibited, because converted into an unfortunate form of survival, it violates people’s rights. Even when it is argued and intended to show that it can be exercised “voluntarily”, it actually hides sexual exploitation for the benefit of third parties.

It is to be hoped that in our country the issue will be taken seriously. Silence, as well as collusion and inaction, are extremely dangerous. Behind prostitution, and using it, they continue to allow, furthermore, the consolidation and spread of crimes such as national and international trafficking, drug trade and pornography. Closing your eyes to reality is the worst way.

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