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With similar needs, life placed in the same road to San Lorenzo and Ricardo Centurión. On both sides, it is essential once and for all find some peace. Some smiles, a handful of joys. Reinvent yourself. It will be a new opportunity for the footballer, rebellious in his private life and skillful on the field of play. Darío Benedetto arrived in Boca. To River, Juan Fernando Quintero. Edwin Cardona went to Racing. El Ciclón and Pedro Troglio will also have theirs with Centurión, who turned 29 on Wednesday. Despite his class and gambeta, perhaps this is the last chance for the winger to shine, settle and endure in one of the greats of Argentine football. Once again, everything is in your hands. Or on his feet.

His career was cyclothymic and his personality closed the same doors that his talent with the ball opened for him. In several transfer markets he became the most sought after exponent. To such an extent that in just 5 years, Centurión wore -and will wear- the No. 10 jersey of three of the five most popular clubs in the country on his back.. The Cyclone will be the third to have it in its ranks, after Racing and Boca. Undoubtedly, it is a reinforcement of hierarchy beyond the setbacks in his private life. And on the horizon it appears as a major challenge for the rebellious dribbler. “My first wish was to get to San Lorenzo, the second to wear the 10 shirt and the third… I keep it to myself”, assured the player born on January 19, 1993. “My motivation is that they love me. They went to the front for me”, he added as soon as he stepped on the New Gasometer.

Centurión and the first joy for Vélez with a goal to frame – Source: CONMEBOL

After the negotiation with Vélez, Centurión signed a bond with loan for one year without charge and with a purchase option of two million dollars for 50 percent of its record belonging to the Fort. Thus, the player underwent a medical review and became Boedo’s third reinforcement, after the arrivals of Adam Bareiro and Malcom Braida. One detail: none of them can be used until San Lorenzo lifts the current inhibition due to the debt with Palestino, from Chile, for a part of Paulo Díaz’s pass (around 1,500,000 dollars).

In this course, Racing and Boca have been two important stations in Centurión’s career. In Ribera he played the 2016/17 season, possibly the peak of his fluctuating career. With goals (8 shouts in 24 games), dribbles and charisma, he won over the Xeneize fans, in addition to having declared himself a supporter. He left in July 2017 after some of his misadventures had come to light. While at the Academy, where he debuted in the first division in May 2012, he went through three stages. It is the institution in which he has played the most games: 93, with 19 goals in the account. The doors were closed after the push he gave coach Eduardo Coudet in the middle of the Monumental stadium, in February 2019.

Mauro Cetto, football director of San Lorenzo, at the signing of Ricardo Centurion's contract;  the bond will be a loan for one year
Mauro Cetto, football director of San Lorenzo, at the signing of Ricardo Centurion’s contract; the bond will be a loan for one yearTwitter @SanLorenzo

His little continuity increased even more since his last match at the Academy, to the point that He came to play just nine games in San Luis, Mexico, and eight in Vélez in a year and a half. In 2020, Centurión suffered stronger blows than the stoppage due to the pandemic. At the beginning of March his grandmother “Yaya” died, who raised him from a very young age, when at 5 his father Luis was burned to death in the fire at the illegal fireworks factory in Lanús where he worked. Shortly after, he also lost his girlfriend, Melody, who suffered a cardiac arrest while driving her car.

Centurión played in Racing, Genoa, San Pablo, Boca, San Luis and Vélez; in no team managed to stay more than two seasons

“Ricky” found shelter and a place in Vélez, where they had put some chips in a possible resurgence on the field of play. It arrived in January 2020 from the hand of Gabriel Heinze. “I really want to help him and contribute football and other things to him as well. I am going to be responsible for everything external that happens with him, ”said the DT that time. but the player lost ground between a poor football level and some rudeness. Perhaps more than ever in his different stages in Argentine football, the passage of the talented footballer through Liniers was subdued and far from the flashes. Also, as a result of his relationship with Jenifer Lauría, in June 2021 Centurión became a father for the first time. Although already in this last stage the wear and tear in the relationship with coach Mauricio Pellegrino was public.

In December of last year, Pellegrino himself, who had separated him from the squad, confirmed that the player’s hours were numbered in Vélez. “I spoke with Ricky and told him that if he has the opportunity to go out and play and have minutes, he is welcome. I told him that I saw other teammates who were very good to be starters, “he said.

Ricardo Centurión did not find his place in Vélez either;  now, San Lorenzo seems to be his last chance
Ricardo Centurión did not find his place in Vélez either; now, San Lorenzo seems to be his last chanceAGUSTIN MARCARIAN – X03747

In total, Centurión played 37 games of the 55 that Vélez played in 2021: in 13 he started and in 24 he came on from the substitute bench; scored 5 goals. It is true that he started that year as an important value, but in the second semester he had few opportunities. His last match was on November 19, against Talleres: there he entered at 41 minutes of the second half by Juan Martín Lucero.

This year, the footballer had not started the preseason with Vélez and before joining Ciclón he was training on his own. “It is a topic that has been discussed and finished”, Christian Bassedas, manager of the Fortín, had said. Troglio appeared and the winds of change just appeared. “I haven’t played for five months, I want to get ready and at the coach’s disposal. I have physical details. He will see me. I don’t have much drama in that sense, ”explained the player as soon as he arrived at the Cyclone.

Ricardo Centurión will have the number 10 shirt in San Lorenzo;  a symbol of the confidence that Pedro Troglio has in him
Ricardo Centurión will have the number 10 shirt in San Lorenzo; a symbol of the confidence that Pedro Troglio has in him Twitter @SanLorenzo

Centurión is already part of the Barça world. Arrived predisposed, happy. “I come to make the fan smile”, assured. The welcome was given by one of the great emblems of the history of this institution: Leandro Romagnoli. The current reserve coach handed him the number 10 shirt. “It’s my favorite number, since I was little. I am not oblivious to the 10 that passed through here, through San Lorenzo, and what he achieved. I didn’t expect it… When I saw him I was happy to be received by him, who is an idol of the club. It’s already too much for me.” Once again, the ball is at Centurion’s feet.

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