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The relationship between the production of The 8 million steps Y Nicole Neumann, one of his jurors, He wouldn’t be having his best time. Is that, as revealed in the program intruders, the attitudes of the model generated a strong internal within the shipment. Above all, the lack of agreement on the end of their vacation.

In December, Neumann announced that he was taking five weeks off. Although it was not the ideal situation for the program, the authorities gave her the go-ahead and decided to replace her first with her archenemy Carolina Pampita Ardohain and then with Ingrid Grudke. Now, With the need to resume the recordings, the model was summoned by the production for February 7. And his answer didn’t go down well at all..

“There are recorded programs, but at some point they end,” Rodrigo Lussich revealed this Thursday, and grabbed a calendar. At that time, she explained that, while Nicole is on vacation with Manuel Urcera and shares postcards of her trip to Spain on her social networks, she was called in Buenos Aires on February 7 to do the programs on February 8 and 9. “They notified him in advance of the summons, because they have to record, and do you know what Nicole answered? ‘I can’t do it on the 7th or the 8th. I have an event. So go ahead without me'”revealed the journalist.

The response angered everyone on the show hosted by Guido Kaczka. First because he took five weeks of vacation, Adrián Pallares explained, and then because before leaving he asked for a salary increase. “They are seeing what to do with her because they feel it is disrespectful,” he added. “They are fed up with Nicole,” Lussich closed.

The conflict within the program is not new. At the end of December, according to Yanina Latorre in the angels of the morning, the model took a vacation even though she had promised she would not.

“When the year was ending, he agreed with production for a big increase. He asked for enough. The program is doing very well and measures very well. As a condition, they told him that they would give him that twine, which was much more than what he earned, but that he should not go on vacation. She said that she was not going on vacation, that she was going to work all summer”, said the “little angel” about the cycle in which Martín Liberman (sports), Santiago Do Rego (technology), Carmen Barbieri (shows) and a famous guest who changes from night to night.

However, Neumann did not keep his word. Latorre revealed about the model: “He signed the contract, they gave him the raise. The next day, he called and said loose as a lettuce: ‘I’m going for a month and a half’”.

After having been at the center of the controversy over an alleged chat with another woman that her boyfriend, Manuel Urcera, would have starred in, Neumann was happy and relaxed in Punta del Este. There he decided to rest during the first part of his vacation with his new love and his three daughters, the result of his relationship with former soccer player Fabián Cubero. The family spent the first days of the year on the eastern coast, where they received sunny afternoons by the sea and friends.

After her return to Buenos Aires, the model undertook a trip to Spain, where she went on a romantic trip with Urcera. Both Neumann and the pilot decided to show their days together in the European country through their social networks.

In 2019, Neumann experienced a similar situation with the production of the program that had her as a panelist, Cut by Lozano. As it transpired at that time, the model unilaterally decided to extend her vacation, which ended up defining her departure from the Telefe magazine. “It’s a shame, because she seems to me to be a loving girl who had a great job opportunity. He is going to have a lot, I am not saying that this was his only job opportunity, but, honestly, when he took his last vacation, that was not scheduled, he did not have the permission of the channel or the producer, ”Verónica Lozano explained. to THE NATION by then.

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