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The footballers of River Plate, Benjamin Rollheiser and Fabrizio Angileri, are separated from the squad because they did not reach an agreement with the leadership to renew their contract that expires soon. In this framework, the cheerleader of F12 (ESPN), Luciana Rubinska, he asked his partner John Simon, who served as manager at Boca Juniors Between 2014 and 2016, what would you advise these players if they were represented by you?

From the place of “spectator”, Leo Paradizo limited: “Uncomfortable question”. “Very uncomfortable indeed”, Simón supported him, who in any case did not dodge the bundle and answered the driver: “Everyone has to defend their rights. If the players consider that the offer is not enough, they must stay in their position”.

Disagreeing with her colleague, Rubinska replied: “I think that (footballers) lose more without renewing that in the other way, but well, it is another look without having the numbers on the table”. To which Simón said: “But you have to defend what you think, what is yours”. Then, Luciana answered almost guiltily: “Okay, I’ll tell you my look, my reading. Sorry, I think differently, excuse me”.

Later, Simón elaborated on his position: “But if you are not satisfied with the offer they make you, you are not required to renew. Rollheiser comes with a very outdated contract compared to what he was paid when he played, and the offer is not satisfactory.

Dissatisfied with her partner’s argument, Rubinska questioned the former player. “If you had to tell them something, would you tell them not to renew and stay six months hanging? That later you are going to be worth much less than what you were worth when you were active? Sharply, Juan concluded: “I prefer to play, but if the offer is not satisfactory, I have to defend my rights”.

A while before, both journalists had argued about the situation of Cristian Pavon in Boca Juniors. About to expire his contract and with no prospects of renewal, the footballer was not called up for this Friday’s game against University of Chile.

Rubinska noticed this issue, recalling the words of Jorge Bermudez, a member of the Boca Juniors Soccer Council, who had said that Kichan was not going to be “hanged”. “draw attention that he is not summoned, unless he has some discomfort, ”confessed the journalist. Immediately, Juan retorted him: “No catches my attention”. Later, the chronicler said: “Why not? If Bermúdez said that they were not going to hang the players who do not sign…”.

However, Simón estimated that Pavón was not removed, but that it was a tactical decision of Sebastián Battaglia. “Why do you think he is hung? Taking into account that in the squad they have Sebastián Villa, ‘Changuito’ Zeballos…”. Immediately afterwards, Rubinska reminded “Flaco” that in the last matches of the tournament, Pavón played as a starter. In addition, the journalist was supported by the conflict between Augustine Almond and the coach to reinforce his opinion: “When he was not called up in the last game, it was because he had had a brush. With Pavón, something happened”, assured Luciana reiterated.

Cristian Pavón, undisputed starter at Xeneize
Cristian Pavón, undisputed starter at XeneizeFernando Massobrio – THE NATION

Augustus Caesar, a chronicler who covers the news of the xeneize club, explained that none of the athletes were summoned and they are looking for a way out for the next friendly match. At the same time, he considered that the coach has many variants up front, so the departure of the former attacker from the Argentine team could be linked to that situation.

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