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In a note stating that there are difficulties in entering the AFIP page, the entity that represents accountants in the city of Buenos Aires asked the authorities of the collection agency that runs until January 28 the term to make the recategorization of the monotax. According to the provisions and as it happens every year, today is the last day to complete this procedure, in relation to the level of activity that taxpayers have had between January and December 2021.

The letter addressed to the deputy director general of Taxpayer Services, Patricia Vaca Narvaja, and signed by the authorities of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, indicates that the arrival of the expiration of the term to recategorize “It translates into a large number of contributors wanting to access the page and the application.” And he adds that there are those who, due to the impossibility of accessing the page, there are those who “are not able to fulfill the obligation.” as far as he could tell THE NATION, this morning in particular there were problems in accessing the recategorization, and the situation was regularized after noon.

In any case, the note sent to the agency indicates that there are problems on the website, which have been repeated. “The difficulties have been escalating and for long periods of time it is not even possible to log in with a tax code”, it is indicated, in reference to an obstacle that there were days ago.

Recategorization is a mandatory procedure for those who must be located in a different box from the one they are in now, within the monotax table, whose values ​​had modifications effective as of the first day of this year. To find out if someone needs to relocate, you need to look at the previous 12 months’ billing and, if applicable, also look at other parameters, as the amount of rents accrued that are linked to the development of economic activity.

From the AFIP, which through social networks reminded that today is the last day for the procedure -which has been enabled since the beginning of the year-, indicated that until noon some 900,000 taxpayers had been recategorized.

After entering with the fiscal key in the AFIP page or in the monotax, the recategorization flap is chosen between the interactive services offered by the system. The data of the monotributista in question and the values ​​corresponding to the category in which it is found will be displayed on the screen: the maximum billing, the electrical energy that can be consumed, the maximum value of the rents accrued in a year (of spaces affected by the activity) and the maximum area that may be taking care of the tasks, in the case of having a local or office.

Once this screen has been passed, the system asks for the entry of the annual billing data and, if applicable, the information on other parameters. If you have a shop or office, add the information on the area occupied and the electrical energy consumed, and if the place is rented too the amounts of the lease agreement. While in the case of the first two items the values ​​remain stable, rent ceilings are updated, although this time they were only increased by 26% year-on-year (the values ​​can be seen in the table that accompanies this note). Since this rise is below inflation, it is a factor that increases the risk that someone will be left out of the monotax and must go to the general regime.

On the 1st of this month, all values ​​in the table were increased by 26%, starting from those that were in force during the second half of 2021. In relation to a year ago, the percentages of increase that the maximum income of each category had were different; while in the low and medium categories the increase was, on average, more than 60%, in the four highest the readjustment was 32 or 39% (depending on the case), well below inflation of 2021, which was 50.9%.

Monotax table from January 2022
Monotax table from January 2022

Completed the data and clicking on “Continue”, the system indicates the new assigned category and asks to confirm the data. The amount to be paid to the treasury corresponding to that box must be paid since February. The amounts to be paid both for the tax component and for the contributions to the pension system and social work also increased by 26% in relation to what was paid during the second half of 2021.

In the request that Gabriela Russo and Julio Rotman, president and secretary of the Professional Council, sent today to the AFIP, it was also recalled that last week a request was made so that all the obligations of sworn declarations due during this month are considered fulfilled in a timely manner if they are presented until the 28th. And it was also requested that the expiration of the payments be postponed until the 31st of this month.

Those requests had been made alluding to three reasons: the exponential increase in cases of people with Covid-19, the power outages produced during the heat wave, and the problems on the websites of collection agencies. In addition to the AFIP, the request was addressed to the Arbitration Commission of the Multilateral Agreement.

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