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since a few days,Jimena Baron He is with his son, on vacation in Europe. During her stay in Madrid, the singer received an invitation to a date but it was cut short when her suitor found out that she was with Momo. Half tired, half joking, the singer of “La Cobra” exposed the conversation she had with the candidate in question on her networks and He took advantage of the occasion to publish his “personal curriculum vitae” so he avoids bad drinks in the future.

“If you want one day we will have a drink,” the man with an unknown identity wrote to him on WhatsApp. “My love, I’m here with the kid. We’re leaving tomorrow. I can’t party but we invite you to eat tonight if you feel like it “, she replied as a counteroffer.

However, on the other hand, he did not have the expected response: “I’ll let you know when I finish something I have to do and we’ll see.” By sharing the screenshot in his Instagram stories, Barón joked: “How to scare people by naming a single individual”, referring to the little one he had with Daniel Osvaldo.

After that posting, the former jury of The academy He took the opportunity to share a kind of “personal curriculum vitae”, highlighting the pros and cons of his personality. This attitude had a strong impact and this afternoon the debate came to the table It’s over there (America), where the publication was analyzed point by point together with the Tucu López, one of his former partners. “Tucu, how long were you with Jimena?” Guido Zaffora launched, taking the driver by surprise before reading the post in detail. Surprised, and somewhat uncomfortable, the man from Tucuman replied: “Six months, more or less”.

While they put him on the subject of what happened, the panelist began to read the statement of the actress and singer. “In May of this year I turn 35. I have a 7-year-old son almost 24/7. I can go out for a while, I have Mari. But past dating time, if they don’t get along with my son they should take the stick no matter how amazing they are in bed. I’m doing well thank God, I don’t need money. I buy my own bags and everything that makes me happy. If the other does better than me, it gives me a lot of joy and I want the same thing the other way around. I’m not jealous but I’m not stupid either… I don’t check things, nobody checks me at all”, she read about what the influencer exposed in her account.

However, it was at the next point that Zaffora stopped to find out López’s opinion, who told details of his personal experience with Barón. “I do not aspire to coexistence. If it happens, I bet on separate bedrooms and bathrooms. I don’t dream of getting married, if it’s very important I wouldn’t refuse”. “We did not get to live together. Bank that of the bathroom and the separate room ”, Tucu limited while noting that in the months he was with Jimena harmony reigned. “Honestly we haven’t fought much”, he pointed.

Immediately, Julieta Prandi joined the reading of the CV of the singer and expressed: “I like to get up early, train, eat healthy, and give it to me once a week, put it… The fissure is not a state that I like. I’m a lot more structured than I seem, and a lot less crazy. I cook, just with desire. I can’t live without mate, sudoku or self-defined. Sundays are family days.

“Yes, we put a lot of self-defined. Imagine that we went to Tucumán for a month and a bit and we woke up and it was all sudoku”, recognized the driver, while commenting on how well Jimena Barón got along with her family from Tucumán. We were Mari (Momo’s babysitter), Gaby (Jime’s mom), Momo, Elvis (my dog), all fourteen hours driving by car. It was for the holidays. We arrived, we rented a house and we all went to meet the López, the Campanelli a bean”, he recalled.

Jimena Barón and Tucu López in times of brand new romance
Jimena Barón and Tucu López in times of brand new romanceInstagram

“I am very funny and funny, not so affectionate, but I let myself. I have quite a strong character but I go to an excellent therapy 2 years ago and I managed to change many things. I breathe before I speak but I always speak. I change my mind a lotI am fascinated by traveling, eating, reading, meeting, chatting…”, Prandi continued reading while his partner pointed out that, according to his parameters, yes she was affectionate.

However, the actor and host avoided commenting on the following item, where the singer talked about her sex life. “Sex is daily and spectacular. Don’t share your whole life with me because I don’t think I’m interested in everything and I don’t like to pretend, in reality it doesn’t come out and it gives me straw. I believe in shared lives without sharing all of life”, concluded Barón. Before the attentive gaze of his companions, the current boyfriend of Sabrina Rojas refused to answer. “Well, ask Jimena, I I’m not going to be talking about that”, he clarified a little annoyed.

While remembering that they met through social networks (where he had the initiative), Tucu spoke to his current partner to avoid problems when he got home. “Sabri, I love you deeply and she knows everything we can talk about here, of course. I have a beautiful relationship with Sabri and, above all, super, mega, super healthy. Everyone’s past is the past. We got together with Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro, imagine if we are going to have a problem because of our past. But respect, always”, he confessed looking at the camera.

Before finishing the program, the driver was encouraged to tell what items would be part of your resume and got to know a little more. “99% of the time I’m in a good mood and that’s no small thing. Even with the biggest bullshit, I try to make you laugh”, he expressed in the first instance. The second trait moved everyone: “I’m not a dad but fortunately I have a very good feeling with the creatures”, He commented giving rise to another intimate question from the panel.

“Would you like to be a dad?” Zaffora inevitably launched. “I would love to but we are chatting little by little with Sabrina. I am the typical one who is playing with the kids at a wedding or I go to a pool and I flip the creature here and there, ”acknowledged who claimed to have gotten along super well with the son of Barón and Osvaldo. “Momo is divine, beautiful”, he added.

Regarding the bad, López listed: “I am very messy but if you tell me to order I put my batteries. I don’t smoke a lie and when I’m hungry I transform, “he said, laughing.

“Jimena wrote you a musical theme?” The panel’s entertainment journalist attacked, wanting to know a little more. “I think not, I did not arrive. At least as far as I know, no. No time. The same to me It was a super nice bond, we had a wonderful time. Then things happened and that’s it, but the best. Jime is a genius, I send her a big kiss. We have a nice bond, not everyday, but If we cross paths in life, we give each other a hug. I’m glad he’s doing well.”

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