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It seems that more and more people are turning to to the parades to solve love problems. Traditionally, this practice was left to local merchants or proud families who would invest in a large billboard to publicize a sale or good news, respectively. Today, reality marks another trend and the networks demonstrate it. Every day more messages are seen exposing infidelity or they try -desperately- to win back an ex-partner who is out of love. Argentina returns to be the protagonist and the world’s media already replicate what a woman from Córdoba he said about his partner.

The event took place in the Ampliación San Fernando neighborhood and the protagonist was Cristian David, as can be read on the poster. The message is clear and its resolution, funny and tragic at the same time. The debate was the order of the day and once again the networks discussed whether the use of parades for these purposes It is something funny or it borders on the ridiculous and exaggerated. Be that as it may and whatever they say, the poster is on public roads and everyone already knows the story.

“Cristian David”, it is read in the title of the poster followed by some words censored by the person who made it known. “Practice polyamory and it doesn’t warn you. Be careful! He is a liar, manipulator and fraud!” sentenced his ex-partner below. Far from being a warning and ending there, the author behind the new viral phenomenon told how this love triangle was resolved. “Thank you as well because now we are friends sentenced.

It turned out, unintentionally, a story very similar to the movie Women on the attack starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton whose plot centers on a similar premise: three women who are in a relationship with a man who goes out with them secretly and they come together to unmask him, thus forming a beautiful and lasting friendship between the three of them.

The parade went viral but its protagonists still do not appear in public

As usually happens in these cases, the poster placed at the intersection of Ernesto Bosch and Belardinelli Avenue, in the City of Córdoba, instantly went viral at the same time as its protagonists They disappeared and did not speak in public. Only neighbors, acquaintances and friends know who Cristian David really is, who is behind the parade and what are the names of all those involved.

The streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, woke up with a parade very similar to Cordoba. Far from being an infidelity, this time it was a girlfriend furious at the way her partner spent his free time. “Nicolás S. There is no longer a wedding. I kept spending your money on drinking with your friends, don’t even come to my house, ”said the jilted young woman.

The parade that a young woman put on to cancel her wedding
The parade that a young woman put on to cancel her wedding

For now, the identity of both is unknown and in parallel, businesses undertake a search to find him and offer him an infinity of discounts and promotions for your wedding. The opinion in networks was divided and while several people were happy for Nicolás warning that “he got rid of that relationship in time”, many others jumped in defense of the young woman.

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