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WWE denies Mustafa Ali’s release request – World News in Spanish

Mustafa Ali hasn’t been doing much in WWE recently. The company sent it home weeks ago. An argument with Vince McMahon ultimately prompted Ali to request his release from the promotion. That may not happen.

Ali recently posted an intense training video after publicly asking to be released from his contract. Speculation about the superstar’s future immediately began. We now know that WWE is not currently interested in granting Mustafa Ali’s request.

fighting team reported the news this afternoon. WWE and Ali spoke, but the parties disagree on her release. Ali still has years left on her WWE contract.

“Those Fightful Select heard from confirmed that WWE and Ali have spoken to each other and that Ali was informed that they would not grant his release request at this time, and as of now that is not the plan. Ali has years left on his WWE contract, but hasn’t been used on WWE TV or even taping in over two months. While some suspected he was on paternity leave, we were told he had only asked for one show.”

WWE and Mustafa Ali seem to be at a dead end. That is not the news Mustafa expected. Many fans were hoping to see what he could do with better creative direction.

Those wishes will have to be put on hold for now. WWE is not interested in letting Mustafa Ali walk. We will see if the parties can work something out and do business in the future.

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