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The campaigns for the general secretariat of the Petroleum Workers Union of the Mexican Republic will start this Friday, January 21, and will continue until Saturday, January 29, with a total of 25 registered applicants, reported the General Executive Committee of this organization.

During the campaign activities, which will be carried out in work centers of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) ─with the order not to suspend their activities─ the restrictions established for this purpose in the Federal Labor Law and in The health safety measures established by the health authority must be observed at all times.

The candidates approved by the union committee are: Aldana Prieto Luis Ricardo; Aranda Padilla Daniel; Cabrera Raga Jose Luis; Salaya Pythagoras Cross; Flores Contreras Miguel Arturo; Gomez Hernandez Jose Luis; Herrera Malagon Gerardo David; Martinez Sanchez Jorge; Ortega Ramirez Jesus; Quintanilla Rincon Ruby; Santos Rodriguez Ulises; Vazquez Sanchez

Nora Light; Villaverde Acevedo Esbayde; Alonso Garcia Maria Cristina; Arredondo Lami Victoria; Castan Orgaz Jesus Noah; Of god Patraca Carmen; Garcia Romero Edgar; Gonzalez de los Santos Pablo; Left Avalos Esteban; Navarro Lopez Fred Antonio; Lozano Cesar fish tank; Sanchez Garcia Cecilia Margarita; Trinidad Martínez Job Fabián, and Vázquez Torres José Luis.

Among those registered, it stands out that there were no alliances between the current deputy leadership and the dissident faction, which is why the intention of agreeing to support a candidate as the best opportunity to compete against the treasurer, Ricardo Aldana Prieto, considered as a candidate chosen by the former leader of the STPRM, Carlos Romero Deschamps.

For his part, Aldana Prieto, who for many years was the right arm of the former oil leader

Carlos Romero Deschamps, rejected that there is favoritism, as he said that he registered in the same way as the almost 20 candidates who went to the facilities of the Oil Union to contend for the general secretary.

Ricardo Aldana has been in the union organization for more than 40 years, and was linked to the Pemexgate case, and despite this, he is looking for an opportunity to lead the Petroleum Workers Union of the Mexican Republic, which has been without a general secretary for two years.

Cristina Alonso, from section 44 of Tabasco reported that she is officially a candidate for the General Secretariat of the STPRM, for which she called for the unity of all the oil tankers around a work project, for the benefit of the workers. (With information from María del Pilar Martínez).

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