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female roosters It has made history in Mexican soccer by becoming the first team with an exclusive stadium, that is, it does not share a house with the men’s team and does not play on the men’s reserve fields, as clubs such as América and Pumas have done. . As of the current Clausura 2022 tournament, Querétaro plays independently in the Alameda Olympic stadium and is a starting point for the identity plan that they envision from now on.

“We want to take advantage of everything that our own stadium can give us, sell the same scraps as in the men’s stadium and make it really a family experience. They plan to carry out activations in all the games, either with a sponsor or by the club, give away balls and shirts, and make the most of the culture of women’s soccer to take root with the fans here, “reveals Ana Karen López, sports director of Women’s Roosters, in an interview with El Economista.

The new home of the Queretaro squad has 21,115 square meters and a capacity for 4,500 spectators, very small compared to the 34,107 that fit in La Corregidora (the men’s stadium where they played until now), but with a special feeling for being their own home , with dressing rooms designed for the players and even with photographs of them to motivate them towards a more professional profile.

The initiative came from the government of the state of Querétaro, since the administration of Governor Francisco Domínguez (which ended in September of last year) directed the remodeling of the Alameda Olympic Stadium for more than 146 million pesos and 18 months of work; The multi-capacity of the venue allowed it to host the national selection of the first athletics force heading to Tokyo 2020.

“Women’s soccer is played the same as men’s soccer but it is lived totally differently, it is a more familiar atmosphere in a league that has a lot of potential. We believe that here we can better connect with the fans, it is a stadium that we can reach on foot, that the routes pass by, that people cross every day to get to work, it is almost in the historic center of Querétaro, so the Its location and history (it was the first venue for the men’s squad) really fitted in with the plan we have to connect with the fans, to begin to grow this project and this division”, emphasizes Ana Karen López.

It is also an economic incentive. The sports director explains that while they played in La Corregidora they could not receive an audience, but now they could have an income of up to 225,000 pesos for each local game if they were full, since the tickets will have a unified price of 50 pesos.

“The idea is that, just like the men’s team, the women’s team becomes a profitable division for the institution. The objective is that from what is obtained, removing operating expenses and raw materials from the waste and others, 100% of the resources are for the women’s. Without a doubt, the income received from the open-door matches will help us improve the budget, bring better reinforcements to each tournament and improve the working conditions of the players”.

The impact of Gallos Femenil’s own stadium exceeds the plans that other leagues have had to own a venue. In England, for example, there is the project of opening a house for the Barnsley WFC, which would be for 2,500 fans; In the United States, Kansas City also announced a project for its NWSL club, which would host 11,000 fans and cost $70 million, but none is a reality yet.

The event was so important at the local level that a plaque with the names of the players and members of the current coaching staff was even unveiled, a ceremony in which Mariana Gutiérrez, president of the Liga MX Femenil, participated; Agustín Dorantes, Secretary of Social Development of Querétaro; Gabriel Solares, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gallos Blancos; and Edward Sánchez, general director of the State Sports and Recreation Institute (INDEREQ).

“Mariana Gutiérrez mentioned that having their own stadium is the idea for all teams to end up with that, with adequate spaces for women’s soccer, where they can be profitable enough with their own space adequate to the needs of the girls and the fans. . Mariana’s idea is for the league to grow so much that all the teams have their own stadium”.

At the moment, Gallos Blancos has a sponsor that is exclusive to its women’s branch, Seicorp University, which specializes in agronomy and is located in the state of Querétaro; there, the squad held its preseason. Previously, they also had the sponsorship of Duplan, a Mexican women’s clothing brand, and Ana Karen López points out that with the naming of the new stadium, more brands have become interested in being in particular with the women’s team.

“It is true that men’s soccer has a 100-year lead, yes, but that can help us, that they already have the manual done, to know how to do things without waiting those 100 years, to start growing right now and that everyone the teams can take the seriousness that women’s soccer deserves, ”adds the director, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Entertainment Business Administration.

In the sports part, their goal is for Querétaro to establish itself as a constant team in the Liga MX Femenil leagues, since it has only been able to participate in one (Guardianes 2020) of eight possible, reaching the semifinals. For that, the team hopes to keep its coach, Carla Rossi, who has a contract for at least another year and a half.



The Alameda Olympic Stadium is located between Avenida Constituyentes and Prolongación Corregidora Sur, in downtown Querétaro. It was inaugurated in 1939 and its manager is the State Sports and Recreation Institute (INDEREQ).

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