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As part of the recent announcement that it will now be possible to use the Integrated Mobility card (MI) to pay for travel in the concession transport of Mexico City, local authorities reported that there are already 304 units belonging to five transport corridors that already have validators to carry out this new operation.

From the Urban Ecological Corridor corridor (CEUSA) at City Hall Azcapotzalco, the head of the Ministry of Mobility (Samos), Andrés Lajous Loaeza, reported that for this year the goal is for a total of 1,000 units of all corridors in the capital to have validators for the MI card, this would represent 67% of the total existing fleet.

“This advance represents improvements in terms of safety and quality of service. In the case of security, what is achieved is the reduction in the use of cash and the operator does not load so much money on the bus. In the case of service improvements, it reduces waiting times and getting on the bus, because sometimes people take time to find their ticket or ask someone else to exchange their money,” he explained.

Lajous Loaeza recalled that with the Integrated Mobility card currently you can access the Metro, Metrobús, Cablebús, Light Rail, Trolleybus, RTP, in addition to being the key to use the city’s bicycle parking lots and the ECOBICI system.

The secretary also reported which are the companies (corridors) where you can already access with the MI card, these are the CEUSA, which goes from Panteón San Isidro to Peñón via Eje 2 Norte; the Route 86 Urban Autotransport Services corridor (SAUSA), which operates from Tacubaya to Tepalcates and La Valenciana through Eje 3 Sur; Lomas Trunk Buses (ATROLSA) that provides service from Chapultepec to Palmas, Bosques, Duraznos and Tecamachalco; Comprehensive Interurban and Tourist Mobility (MIIT), which connects the Cuautepec area on Gustavo A. Madero, with La Raza, Potrero and the center of the capital.

next runners

The owner of Semovi announced that the next corridor that will accept the card is that of Autobuses Unidos Legaria (AULSA), with destinations from Tacuba to San Isidro, Tecamachalco, Hospital de Especialidades and ESIA.

Similarly, the TRIOXA corridor, which runs from Metro Aeropuerto to Av. 5 Ermita via Circuito Interior, is carrying out operational tests with this technology, as well as the ACASA corridor, which runs from Chapultepec to Aragón via Eje 3 Norte, will also be added. in this month.


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