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The Mexican Soccer Federation proposes that the system for registering the data of the fans who attend the matches of the National Team be well established in the men’s, so that later, it can be transferred to the games of the Liga MX, something that They have already suggested it to the competition authorities and it will depend on each club.

In addition, exporting the fan identification model for Mexico’s matches in the United States is a goal, but before that, they must review it with Soccer United Marketing (SUM), because the logistics depend on changes in venue.

Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF highlighted as a recipe what fans must do: it is not a specific credential, they must capture their personal information, generate a URL code, present the ticket plus an official identification. The personal data requested is full name, email, telephone, date of birth, and in the case of minor attendees, the following will be collected: full name, age and photograph.

_In the case of personal data, who can make use of the information? And what cybersecurity tools do they apply?

“It will be exclusive to the Mexican Football Federation with all the necessary controls. Our specialists in the development of information technologies have been involved in this in recent months, we hope that the control of the information is as it should be with the corresponding legal part”, Luisa replied to El Economista.

Regarding the appeals they made to the CAS for the new sanctions imposed by FIFA in the face of the homophobic cry, he commented that they do not fear reprisals because the process is “legal, totally and absolutely contemplated within FIFA. We have always played our process in an open way, discussed with them, promoting the different actions of this process in which we fight to end discriminatory acts.

At the time of registration, the user is mentioned that tracking technology is not used in their attendance at the stadium and that they must accept and sign the “Code of Behavior”, that in case of non-compliance, the sanction is five years without being able to enter the stadium. the matches of the Mexican National Team.

new sponsor

January is not over yet and the Mexican National Team announced a second sponsor (after Bitso). It will be the BeGo platform, which uses algorithms and technological tools to connect cargo with land transportation and mainly seeks to accelerate the digitization of trade between Mexico and the United States.

The company that belongs to the transport industry moves a significant percentage of GDP and with the alliance, the representatives indicated that they seek to give visibility to millions of Mexicans who are dedicated to trade and land cargo transport through an app.

“In Mexico, 81% of all the things we see around us go through a truck, representing 3.3% of GDP, this demonstrates the value of carriers and operators in the national economy, so we believe it is necessary to praise the work that daily carried out by carriers throughout Mexico”, said Jasiel Cárdenas, COO of the company, in the presentation.

_With the help of your technological tools and algorithms, how much cargo are you going to mobilize from the Mexican National Team for its transfer to Qatar?

“We are trying to support the Mexican National Team as much as we can, if it is necessary to move cargo to Qatar, we will do it without a doubt,” the representative replied to this medium.

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