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Cancun, QR. The director of National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur), Javier May Rodríguez, confirmed during a press conference in Cancun, that they are in the restructuring phase within the dependency, as he assured that there was no point in maintaining the staff that was hired with his predecessor Rogelio Jiménez Pons, since With his arrival, a stage of greater dynamism began in the works of the Maya Trend, with the aim of completing the entire rail circuit no longer at the end of 2023, but in July of that year.

“There was a structure that was the one that supervised and followed up on the work, right now there was a change in the project, there is no reason to have that structure anymore because the work is already in charge of the company,” said the official.

He added that they will only work from this new stage only with the necessary personnel.

Regarding an alleged duplication of positions within Fonatur, said that “later we will announce how we are receiving, but at the same time we are seeing that nothing stops. Everything that is already committed, we are moving forward and later we will see how the structure is, how it was operated, but the president’s order is to complete this project”.

He specified that there were also officials who left with the previous director Jimenez Pons. “Those who went to the undersecretary (of Communications and Transportation) they presented their resignation and that’s it.”

May Rodríguez explained that she does not know how many personnel have left Fonatur, but so far it is known that each section of the Maya Trend It had a territorial team, led by a territorial liaison in charge of the respective social, environmental and communication liaisons.

It transpired that after the change of director in the dependency, the resignation of all the territorial liaisons and their respective teams was requested.

In Quintana Roo, Mariano García and Lilia González were in charge of the teams for sections 5 and 6, which go from Cancun to Tulum and from Tulum to Bacalar.

Anonymously, one of the workers who was asked to resign reported that many of the positions were held by personnel who previously worked in the Welfare Secretariat.

“They asked us to hand over the information and present our resignation,” he said.

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